The mysterious power hidden in the Crystal Skull? It’s far from easy for experts to explain the truth

The long history of the earth, in the course of countless years of development, handed down a lot of legends, some can not explore, are some records. But there are also some not only legends, but also important objects spread to modern times. This is a very strange thing. Although science can’t explain this, it can’t say that facts don’t exist.

Among these mysterious events, the most incredible and difficult to understand is the crystal skull. Crystal skulls have been found in history, but the most famous one was discovered by Anna Mitchell Gillen in 1924. It’s at least 3600 years old. It’s made of a crystal. It is the most exquisite and the only Crystal Skull with movable mandible. According to today’s understanding of the crystal structure, this skull can not exist at all: its manufacture violates the natural properties of the crystal. Even the most modern technology can not be used to produce such a crystal head, because in the process of processing, the crystal will break into more than 1000 pieces.

What is a crystal skull? Because it was impossible for human beings to make such exquisite crystal skulls thousands of years ago, even with modern science and technology, who built them? Some experts say it was made by the Maya civilization. According to legend, the crystal skull was used by a high priest of the Maya to focus his attention. Maya records say that crystal skulls are the incarnation of all evils; there were several cynics who laughed at Crystal Skulls and said, “their owners have died, where can they bring a curse?” Later, these people were hit and very ill, and soon they died, which once became an unsolved mystery of the crystal skull.

From some historical records of Mayan civilization, we know that there are 13 crystal skulls. There is an old legend among American Indians: in ancient times, there were 13 crystal skulls, which could speak and sing. These crystal skulls contain information about the origin and death of human beings, which can help us solve the mystery of life in the universe.

The Maya civilization is originally the most mysterious civilization on earth. There are many legends about it, and even many countries in the world have special Maya civilization research institutes, which also shows that this civilization is not simple. Combined with the discovery of these crystal skulls and legends, we can at least see that the scientific and technological level of the Maya civilization is higher than that of modern society. Some people even say that the Maya civilization is not simple Civilization has already realized interstellar navigation, and the universe can be free to navigate.

As for the 13 crystal skulls, why did the Mayans make them at that time? They were definitely not regarded as ornaments. It must have played a more important role. It is rumored that if the 13 skulls were gathered together and placed in the right position, something incredible would happen. No one knows what it is, because we have not collected all the 13 crystal skulls.

Finally, Xiaobian also published a conjecture about these crystal skulls. Xiaobian thought that these crystal skulls might be a kind of storage equipment, similar to our modern computer hard disk and U disk. Crystal skull is a device to record all kinds of knowledge and events of Mayan civilization. Each skull records different disciplines of the Mayan civilization, including medicine, physics, chemistry, cosmology, etc. The 13 Crystal Skulls record all the civilization signals of Maya civilization, including all kinds of high technology.

This is very normal in civilization. In our modern society, don’t important things of all civilizations need to be stored with storage devices? The purpose of this is to preserve the kindling of civilization. If something happens to civilization in the future, and later people find these storage devices, they will rise rapidly and reproduce the continuation of civilization.

Mayan civilization probably felt that something was going to happen at that time, so it made 13 skulls to store the knowledge of the whole civilization. Waiting for the future crisis to pass, future generations can find these skulls and realize the great development of civilization. After the construction, the Mayan civilization was in a crisis, and 13 skulls were spread all over the world. In the end, the Mayan civilization either left the earth or perished.

As for why the memory was made like this, maybe it was this style that was popular in the Mayan civilization at that time. If these crystal skulls are really the memory of Maya civilization, it will be of great significance to human beings. If we can crack the secrets of these skulls, it will be of epoch-making significance to the great development of human science and technology.

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