The mysterious satellite has been tracking the earth for 13000 years. What is sacred? It wasn’t until recently that he showed up

So far, the earth has gone through 4.6 billion years in the universe. As the known “cradle of life”, the position of the earth in the universe is so bright and extraordinary. For nearly half a century, due to the destruction of the earth’s ecological environment caused by human activities, scientists have stepped up the pace of exploring the universe for the following reasons: first, to find a new home suitable for human migration in the universe; second, to find a planet that can provide human resources; third, to find extraterrestrial life, so as to prove that we are not alone.

Although there have been all kinds of UFO sightings, but we have not a substantial evidence to prove the existence of extraterrestrial life in the universe. Because the current human flight speed is still limited, today’s level of science and technology can not support us to leap to more distant places. So the main exploration site of scientists is still in the solar system where the earth is located. The planets in the solar system and their natural moons have been rummaged by scientists. However, with the passage of time and the deepening of research, a mysterious figure has also been reflected in the eyes of scientists.

As we all know, the earth has only one natural satellite, that is, the moon. Since the moon is very close to the earth, and the back of the moon never shows people, so since ancient times, the moon has also left a lot of mystery to human beings. And you can imagine that a mysterious “natural satellite” appeared around the earth at some time. It was flying in an orbit with its back to the earth, like a bodyguard of the earth. Therefore, after scientists discovered it, they named it “Black Knight”.

Looking at the data, scientists were shocked to find that Nicholas Tesla, who was known as a genius lunatic scientist in human history, found the trace of this “Black Knight” in 1899. According to records, Tesla was doing a radio signal test in the laboratory at that time, and unexpectedly found the trace of a mysterious celestial body, although this event soon ran aground due to the limited level of science and technology. It was not until 1961 that French scientists discovered its trace again and named it “Black Knight”.

From 1983 to 1988, the United States and the Soviet Union had repeatedly found traces of “Black Knights” and circled over their respective territories. At that time, both sides were in the cold war period. Therefore, the two countries accused each other for a long time that the other side had launched monitors to monitor their respective countries. However, because both sides denied it and had no clear evidence, they had to give up in the end. And since then, I don’t know why this black knight satellite has been circulating among the people, and it has been tracking the earth for 13000 years. However, this is purely a conspiracy theorist’s saying, and we only regard it as a joke.

NASA has only recently really unveiled the veil of “Black Knight”. To everyone’s surprise, it turns out to be a large piece of metal waste abandoned by human beings in space. Now, on the earth’s surface, the amount of similar space waste has exceeded 400 billion tons, and there is an upward trend every year. If these space wastes can not be properly managed, then the future left to mankind may be destruction. Once this space junk pours into the earth, there will be no escape for mankind. Researchers say they have found ways to govern and believe that there will be a pure land in the universe in the near future.

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