The mysterious signal from Antarctica can be traced back to 90 million years ago, ringing the alarm for mankind!

The mysterious signal from Antarctica can be traced back to 90 million years ago, ringing the alarm for mankind!

As we all know, Antarctica is an extremely cold area with low temperature throughout the year, which is not suitable for human habitation. Even if there is an expedition here, it won’t stay long. In recent years, great changes have taken place in the earth’s environment, and the temperature has risen in a straight line, which has led to the abnormal temperature in the north and south poles and the rapid melting of glaciers, making the Antarctica beyond recognition. When the researchers studied again, they were surprised to find that there was a large-scale temperate rainforest in Antarctica.

What did the Antarctic look like 90 million years ago?

Not surprisingly, it’s 90 million years old, and sediment has been collected from the nearby seafloor, which contains pollen and other plant residues. It can be seen that 90 million years ago, these forests in Antarctica were probably covered. If it really exists, it means that the temperature in Antarctica was on the high side, and so on, it will also affect the earth’s environmental changes. The mysterious signal from Antarctica can be traced back to 90 million years ago, ringing the alarm for mankind!

Back to the Middle Cretaceous, the temperature of the earth was generally high, especially when the sea surface temperature once reached 35 degrees Celsius, which made it difficult for marine organisms to survive. This kind of heat will be directly brought to the north and south polar regions, leading to a sharp rise in sea temperature, and finally a large number of glaciers will melt. This phenomenon has aroused many people’s concern. Will this scene be repeated? These things are uncertain, but there are signs that humans are possible.

The impact of the earth’s temperature change

Nowadays, the temperature of the earth has not been alleviated, it is getting worse and worse, and it has been seriously damaged. With the melting of glaciers, many anomalies have followed, such as the red snow in the Alps. According to the Research Report of experts, the rapid propagation of algae has led to the discoloration of this area. The large-scale growth is not good news, and it seems to ring the alarm for human beings The clock. Usually, the color is white or light. The large-scale growth of algae will darken the color of the snow and increase the heat, forming a vicious circle. The Alps had never seen such a phenomenon before, but now it has become this appearance.

Some scientists predict that the Arctic Ocean may usher in the hottest summer in the future, and all glaciers will melt. If they can’t adapt to the hot environment, they will not have to go extinct? It’s very likely to completely destroy the whole food chain. So far, how to alleviate these problems is worth thinking deeply. Global warming has become the trend of the future, and scientists are anxious.

Human beings can no longer stand idly by. It’s time to do something for the earth. If this trend can be alleviated, the high temperature in all parts of the country will be reduced in the future. It’s not that there is no way to solve the problem of global high temperature from now on, but that human beings don’t want to do it. Only in this way can our earth become better and better. What do you think of the anomalies in the Alps? You can leave a message for interaction.

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