The “mysterious” signal from the depths of the universe, less than 0.1 seconds long, may be the key to crack the black hole!

There are too many unknown phenomena in the universe. Even though our science and technology level has been very high, some signals from the depths of the universe still can’t be deciphered. Some time ago, the observatories of the United States and Italy once captured a mysterious signal from outer space. The duration of this signal is less than 0.1 second, but scientists are very surprised. This signal may help people understand the formation process of black holes.

The appearance of gravitational wave

The space in the universe is multidimensional. Einstein once put forward the opinion of gravitational wave. He thought that space-time can be bent, and when folded, gravitational wave will be produced. Although the appearance time is extremely short, it can release a lot of energy and information. With the continuous deepening of human exploration of the universe in the past 100 years, gravitational waves and black holes have also been confirmed by scientists. In 2015, scientists in the United States received a mysterious signal, which originated from two black holes. When the two black holes merge, they release energy, which is transmitted to the earth. Therefore, scientists believe that its appearance is closely related to black holes. Whether it is the merger of black holes and neutron stars, or the collision between black holes, gravitational waves may be triggered.

142 times the mass of the sun

Black hole

Is the gravitational wave captured by scientists less than 0.1 second also related to black holes? Scientists have studied this signal, and they found that this signal actually comes from a black hole in the distant universe, which is 142 times the mass of the sun, which surprised scientists. In the past, the mass of the largest black hole will not exceed 100 times that of the sun. Why does this black hole have such a large mass?

The relationship between gravitational wave and black hole

They think this may be due to the collision of two black holes. The two black holes collided and merged into a big black hole. After further analysis, scientists found that the black hole was not what it was at first. It is produced by the collision of two black holes, one with a mass 85 times that of the sun and the other 65 times that of the sun. When the two black holes collide, they release a lot of energy, but also lose part of the energy. This part of the lost energy spreads to all corners of the universe in the form of gravitational waves. This mysterious signal captured by human beings is part of it.

After seeing this result, scientists are very happy. They think that this mysterious signal may be able to solve the secret of black holes. There may be a black hole with greater mass in the deep universe, just like the game Snake, which constantly devours and merges, and its volume is getting larger and larger. If we can catch the signals from the universe, it means we can find black holes.

This process is not plain sailing. To really solve the secret of black hole, we need more observation data and long time verification. If we can really find the source of black hole, many problems will be solved, and human civilization will also achieve a qualitative leap.

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