The mystery of Bermuda has finally been revealed, and scientists dare to disclose the truth today

What is hidden in the Bermuda Triangle? The Bermuda Triangle seems to have become a forbidden area. All kinds of disappearances are frightening. Countless scientists once studied here. Why do they stop studying now? What did they find and why didn’t they disclose the truth?

Perhaps the most puzzling of all the strange events that have taken place since the 20th century is the series of plane and ship disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle. By Bermuda Triangle, we mean the Bermuda Islands to the north, Miami, Florida to the west, and Puerto Rico to the south. Since 1945, hundreds of aircraft and ships have mysteriously disappeared. Today, the Bermuda Triangle is synonymous with mysterious and incomprehensible disappearances.

Bermuda delta is the most famous unsolved mystery in the world, because all kinds of mysterious and strange things happen frequently in this sea area. Later, it was known as the “three week ocean called by the devil”. In this sea area, all the former airplanes and ships have been mysteriously missing, which makes scientists unable to understand. Today, finally, there are data to prove that the Bermuda mystery has been given by many scientists There are different explanations, some of which may be due to the hurricane at sea.

“The mystery of Bermuda Triangle” has been controversial since it appeared. Some “Bermuda Triangle” travelers reported their strange experience about Electromagnetism after their adventurous return: their ship or plane would be engulfed by a strange kind of steam, and then all the equipment would be broken down and disordered, the unexplained fog would rise from the sea, and the natural environment at that time would be changed There can be no fog in the environment, and there is no reason to explain these electromagnetic anomalies.

This strange phenomenon has been speculated by posterity for many reasons, such as “sea monster”, flying saucer, telepathy, space-time bending and so on. Some people think that the mystery of Bermuda does not exist. These mysterious things must be those boring warlocks who are preaching their supernatural ideas. People don’t seem to pay much attention to the fact that experienced pilots, captains and even coast guards are all involved in the accident. This unusual phenomenon has formed a long lost “Bermuda Triangle” mystery, showing the unknown mystery of human in nature.

In addition, the most famous discovery is that in 1989, two Norwegian divers found a well preserved ancient city in this area, which has streets, buildings and arenas. They believe that the Bermuda delta may be the continent of Oceania, that is, the continent of tlantis proposed by Plato. Why are disappearances so frequent and even bizarre in the Bermuda Triangle? Why is Atlantis hidden under the Bermuda Triangle? Why do scientists never dare to reveal the truth? What on earth did they find? Still need to continue to explore!

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