The mystery of Bermuda Triangle solved? Scientists’ new findings overturn cognition and explain the plane crash

The famous Bermuda delta is the most mysterious place on earth. There are many different opinions about the origin of this place. Because some mysterious phenomena often happen in this place, many people are full of curiosity about it. Since ancient times, there have been many cases of missing ships and airplanes, and there is no answer to the phenomenon.

Now, some scientists believe that the mystery comes from the energy generated by the storm, which distorts the structure of time and space. Only in this way can the plane enter the mysterious passage, span a long distance, and even disappear. But do storms really distort the spatial structure?

In 1994, the space satellite did find that the storm on the earth may trigger the most powerful gamma ray in the universe. Therefore, it is speculated that someone once encountered a mysterious tunnel in Bermuda delta, which may be formed when two storms met.

Bermuda delta full of mystery

San Juan in Puerto Rico, Miami in the United States, and Bermuda constitute the Bermuda Triangle, where many unexplained phenomena have taken place. For example, as early as 1502, Columbus, the navigator, came to Bermuda. As a result, a strange phenomenon happened, and the ship almost sank. However, Columbus was lucky to survive. Later, Columbus found that his compass deviated 36 degrees from the original route.

With the passage of time, in modern times, because the use of aircraft and ships is more and more frequent, and the frequency of passing through Bermuda is also increasing, all kinds of disasters are inevitable. There are various explanations about the reasons why mysterious phenomena often appear in this place. Some say it’s UFO, others say it’s magnetic field. The Titanic also had an accident here. People found a hole in the bottom of the boat, and it looked as if the incision had been made with a laser weapon, not by hitting a rock.

Others think that the Bermuda Triangle is a tunnel of time and space. The ships and planes that pass by and disappear are actually just passing through time and space. Maybe these ships and planes will come back in the future. However, some scientists believe that the Bermuda Triangle has a huge magnetic field, and the ship and plane crashes may be related to the magnetic field.

The mystery of Bermuda can be explained by the huge caves on the bottom of the sea

However, the latest research shows that the above statements are wrong. Norwegian scientists have found that there are many underwater caves on the bottom of Bermuda. Scanning with modern technology shows that these caves are 805 meters wide and 46 meters deep. Why is Bermuda’s mysterious phenomenon related to the formation of these caves?

Scientists believe that the formation of these caves is due to the existence of a large amount of methane on the sea floor. After a long period of accumulation, the explosion will produce the caves. Therefore, the researchers believe that the explosion of natural gas will make the sea surface form a huge vortex, and the passing ships will be involved in the vortex and disappear quickly.

Is this statement correct? Let’s analyze that if a ship encounters a methane explosion at the bottom of the sea when it passes here, it is still possible for the ship to sink. But let’s not forget that there are frequent accidents of aircraft falling down in Bermuda, and the aircraft flies at a high altitude. Once there is an explosion at the bottom of the sea, it will form a vortex. It can’t affect the aircraft, so there are some defects in this sentence.

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