The mystery of human evolution, scientists speculate that human intelligence is not high, by advanced biological control

There is such a planet in the universe. From the surface, it looks like a blue water ball, and it is very beautiful. But from the inside, there are all kinds of life and vitality on this planet.

What’s the name of this planet? I think many people have guessed that its name is earth. In the universe, the earth is a very unique existence. So far, it seems that only the earth has bred advanced intelligent creatures. After years of development, with its own advantages and wisdom, human beings gradually dominate the earth and become the master of the earth.

Many people may wonder why human beings have great intelligence while other creatures do not? Many people may think that the intelligence level of an organism is closely related to its genes. People are becoming more and more intelligent because the genes in the human body are evolving in the direction of intelligent creatures.

Is that true? Through observation, scientists found that human gene composition, compared with other organisms, human genes are rare. There are only 25000 pairs of human genome, 30000 pairs of mouse genome and 45000 pairs of rice genome.

It can be seen that compared with other organisms, the human genome is not only complex, but also simpler. Generally speaking, the greater the number of organic matter, the higher the degree of evolution of organisms, while the degree of evolution of human beings is a bit abnormal.

At the same time, simple gene composition also means that human beings are less likely to evolve new features through gene mutation and other ways.

So the question is, is the existing human form and higher intelligence really the result of gene evolution?

Since human form and intelligence are the result of genetic evolution, why don’t humans even have the most basic adaptability? After observation, it is easy to find that it is difficult for people to adapt to the external environment. People often change the external environment to meet their survival needs.

For example, in winter, people can’t stand such a cold environment, so they invented heating, hand bags and so on, which can be used to warm up.

Different from other living things, almost all living things on the earth adapt to the harsh external environment through their own regulation. Only human beings need to constantly rely on the external things to survive.

Since human form and wisdom are not the result of genetic evolution, why do humans have extremely high intelligence? On this point, some scientists put forward their views. In his view, human beings may be dominated by some advanced civilization, which endows them with extremely high wisdom, but human beings themselves do not have such high wisdom.

If so, then human beings are the puppets of higher civilization. Why should higher civilization take such pains? What do you think of that? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

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