The mystery of the disappearance of the Martian ocean may have been found three billion years ago, and scientists have given such an explanation

The universe is boundless, and no one knows how big the universe is. Our current detection equipment can reach as far as 9 billion light-years away, but it is less than 1% of the universe. Within this range, many earth like planets have been found, and there are countless planets with water resources.

Within the solar system, the earth’s ocean accounts for 70%. It can be said that the earth is really a mercury, but in fact, the earth is not the only planet with water in the solar system.

The data sent back by the Mars probe shows that Mars, like the earth, may have been a planet full of water and a huge ocean, accounting for about 80% of the planet’s area 3 billion years ago. It may also have been a green planet. We can’t rule out the existence of intelligent life at that time. Some unusual things have indeed been found on Mars, much like artificial buildings. The specific situation can only be studied in detail after the future manned landing on Mars.

Mars once had oceans, but later these waters disappeared, and the ecological environment of Mars changed greatly, which is the main reason for the disappearance of Martian water. What on earth has changed the ecological environment of Mars, resulting in the loss of a large area of Ocean on the surface of Mars?

NASA chief scientist and Astrobiologist Michael Meyer once called this one of the great mysteries in the universe. In order to solve this mystery, he and his team members studied the reasons behind the disappearance of the ocean on the surface of Mars. After a series of studies, Michael Meyer initially concluded that the impact of meteorites or asteroids may have made the oceans on Mars disappear. Mayer explained that although the impact of space meteorite or asteroid is not enough to destroy the whole planet, it is enough to tear the atmosphere of the planet and destroy the planet’s environment.

Asteroid impact destroyed the atmosphere above Mars, and the cause of water loss on the surface of Mars may be the inflection of the solar wind. Why do you say that? We know that the sun is a huge fireball, the internal nuclear fusion occurs constantly, at the same time, countless charged radiation particles shoot around the universe.

Mars used to be able to block these solar particles by the atmosphere, but now there is a loophole when it is hit by an asteroid and destroyed by the atmosphere, so the solar wind will drive straight in. You should know that these solar winds are charged particles, which will not only turn off the atmosphere of Mars, but also electrify water and separate water, so that water will be slowly pushed into space. With the passage of time, the water on Mars is separated by the solar wind bit by bit and dissipated in the space, and the atmosphere of Mars is not much damaged by the solar wind. Without water and atmosphere on the planet, Mars is completely exposed to space and is injured by cosmic radiation every day. Eventually, it became Mars.

Some people may want to ask, if the solar wind is so strong, then the earth’s atmosphere and water will not be separated slowly. The most important reason why the earth is not afraid of the solar wind is not because of the atmosphere, but because of the strong magnetic field. There is a huge iron core in the center of the earth. The earth’s magnetic field is very strong, which virtually adds a layer of shield to the earth. When the solar wind reaches the earth for thousands of kilometers, the earth’s strong magnetic field will absorb the solar wind to a certain place, but not to the earth The earth causes all-round radiation damage, so we can often see the aurora of the north and south poles. In fact, the magnetic field leads the villain of the solar wind there.

If the earth has no magnetic field or the magnetic field is very weak, the atmosphere alone can resist the solar wind, but with the passage of time, the solar wind will separate and destroy the atmosphere step by step. Once there is a hole in the atmosphere after being destroyed, the sun will drive straight in and take water resources.

Now we know the powerful role of the earth’s magnetic field, so we should protect the earth and take good care of the earth, rather than destroy it, especially for the protection of the deep earth. Although the current human science and technology can not reach the earth’s core, but one day there will be strong drilling to the earth’s core. At that time, do not exploit the iron resources in the earth’s core for some economic benefits or resources. Otherwise, once the earth’s magnetic field weakens until it disappears, the earth will become the same as Mars in the future.

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