The mystery of the earth’s levitation, what force does it rely on, has never wavered in the universe?

The earth weighs 6 trillion tons. What strength does it rely on to keep it from falling?

The most obvious difference between a feather and an elephant is weight. Every object on the earth has weight, but it’s different in size. For example, in a high-altitude parabola, the heavier the object, the faster it will fall, and the lighter the object, although it will fall slowly, it will also fall to the ground. In the world, any object can not be inexplicably suspended in the air, this is the eternal law. The earth in the eyes of hikers, is a long road, let a person feel a bit of despair. Interestingly, the earth seems to go against the laws of nature.

As we all know, the weight of the earth has reached 60 trillion tons. Any object pressed by the earth may be flattened by it. With its weight, it can not be suspended in the universe. The fact is contrary to the result. It has never fallen. Why on earth? This is a very mysterious question. According to the normal trend, the weight of the earth should have fallen in a hurry, but it was suspended in the universe and never wavered. The earth weighs 6 trillion tons. What strength does it rely on to keep it from falling?

What is the power support of the earth suspended in the universe?

In fact, this needs classical mechanics to explain clearly. The upper and lower position of the earth is extremely clear. Whether it is in the southern or northern hemisphere, the direction of our feet is the direction of the lower body, and the direction of our heads is the direction of the upper body. This is a topic without any dispute. The reason why it is determined by the gravity of the earth is that as long as there is a mass object, there is a certain gravity. Two objects will move towards the center of the earth through the action of gravity. Any object will fall towards the center of the earth under the action of no other force. It is difficult to overcome the gravity.

For example, the gravity of the earth is pulling an apple down all the time, but a child can lift an apple at will. So it’s easier to fight against gravity. Because of gravity, a 16 ton helicopter needs the support of a propeller to achieve balance. Only in this way can it be suspended in the air, which indirectly illustrates the problem of up and down The direction is determined by the direction of gravity. What is the explanation for extending this topic to the universe?

The earth is suspended or related to gravity

In fact, for the universe, there is not an upper and lower direction of gravity, and there is not an upper and lower direction of gravity. The earth is not stationary. It has been running around the sun for about 30 kilometers per second. Its motive force comes from the primary astrolabe at the early stage of its formation. It has been running through this inertia. To put it more simply, the centrifugal force produced by the earth’s circling the sun and the inward solar gravity reach the so-called balance.

When an object is in inertial motion, it will stop very quickly. Because there is resistance and friction in the air, the environment of the universe is close to vacuum, and the earth will not be affected by resistance when it moves. Therefore, it still keeps inertial motion and runs orderly around the sun. There is no trace of falling in the universe. This is the principle that the earth can be suspended in the universe. Do you think the earth can float in the universe for any other reason? You can leave a message for interaction.

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