The mystery of the source of oxygen has been revealed, which once caused the extinction of organisms, and now limits the development of human beings

When it comes to oxygen, many people think it is one of the necessary conditions for the existence of life on earth, and even some scientists think it is one of the evaluation conditions for the existence of life on earth.

Of course, in fact, this is not wrong. Oxygen is very important to life on earth. Without oxygen, we could suffocate. However, did you know that there was life without oxygen on earth?

Anaerobic organisms first appeared on earth in Proterozoic 1.8 billion years ago, which is the first wave of life on earth. Soon, these creatures are all over the earth.

However, after that, a strange thing happened on the earth, which led to the rapid extinction of these life forms. Finally, they are replaced by oxygen life, which is the earliest ancestor of life on earth.

Due to the sudden and strange occurrence of this event, scientists showed great interest in it and spent a lot of human and material resources to study.

The result is that about a billion years later, a kind of life called cyanobacteria began to appear. This kind of cyanobacteria is different from the red spirochete that originally existed on earth. It not only does photosynthesis, it also releases toxic gases.

It is because this gas is toxic that a large number of red Spirillum disappear in the following period, and the empty space is occupied by cyanobacteria.

With the increase of the number of cyanobacteria, more and more toxic gases are released. Finally, these gases reach more than 25% of the atmospheric content. I’m sure everyone guessed that this gas is oxygen. Yes, oxygen is a poisonous gas. It makes cells age faster and greatly shortens their life span.

As we all know later, cyanobacteria is cyanobacteria, and the red Spirillum is one of the most primitive anaerobic organisms. Without cyanobacteria, this might not be the scene on earth. In this regard, some scientists speculate that since the emergence of cyanobacteria is very strange, will there be human factors behind it?

Through the evolution of oxygen (a gas), a new generation of organisms emerged. Although we are very smart and advanced now, we have a fatal defect, that is, our life span is very short, which is not conducive to our exploration of the universe.

So, could another cosmic civilization have learned some secrets and done something in order not to let us go out of the solar system or the Milky way?

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