The mystery of vampire bones: archaeologists uncover the secrets of vampires

Vampires should be no stranger to us, because we always see all kinds of vampires on TV, Chinese and western, but most insist that they are non-existent creatures.

However, archaeologists unexpectedly found a vampire like bone. How to explain the mystery of vampire bones? Is there a vampire in the world? According to scientific knowledge, these secrets of vampire bones are due to the plague that leads to the death of the body to continue to grow, and are mistaken for vampires.

Vampire incident

Vampires and zombies on TV generally live by sucking human and animal blood. Do you think there are such creatures in reality? Xiaobian believes that many people will think that it does not exist and that it is an illusory creature.

And how did archaeologists find vampire bones in Graves? The mystery of vampire bones is actually a disease caused by the plague of the 16th century.

Archaeologists found the tomb while excavating a cemetery near a church in a small town. There’s a lot of signs of vampire funerals in there. The remains of the tomb can be traced back to the 16th century, and some of its features are reminiscent of vampire like tombs found in the past.

The teeth above the mouth were pulled out and the mouth was filled with stones. It is said that this way can prevent vampires from resurrecting from the dead, and come out to harm human beings.

Slawomir gorka, the mining leader, told reporters: at first we thought the leg of the deceased was injured, but after screening the soil below, we found that it was a hole dug by a man.

It is reported that such tombs are not rare, and similar excavations have been carried out in the past few years, mostly dating back to the 13th to 17th centuries. There is a rumor that some people are afraid of becoming vampires after death, so they will nail the chest of the dead with iron or wooden sticks before the funeral. Is this really a vampire? What’s the truth about the mystery of vampire bones?

Many intellectuals, nobles and priests are considered vampires. After they die, local people will take measures to insert wedges into bodies or remove their teeth to ensure that they are no longer a threat.

In addition, in Sofia, Bulgaria, archaeologists found two bones with an iron bar in the center of their chests. The mystery of these vampire bones is reminiscent of the vampire legend.

The legend of people becoming vampires after death has spread in Western and central Europe. People believe that, and they’re very scared, so people use iron bars to penetrate the bodies of the dead to prevent them from becoming vampires. The reason the stick objects penetrate the bones is because people believe the stick will prevent them from leaving the grave and disappearing in the middle of the night.

The historian Dimitrov calculated that about 100 bones were punctured in the chest during the excavation to prevent them from becoming vampires.

But what he couldn’t understand was why an ordinary archaeological discovery became so “popular” and attracted the attention of all walks of life, perhaps because the word “vampire” made these ordinary tombs extremely mysterious.

Dimitrov believes that it was aristocrats and clergy who thought they would become vampires at that time, but strangely, no female bones were found among them. Maybe people at that time were not afraid of witches.

Not long ago, Italian archaeologists discovered a skeleton with a brick on its chin. The mystery of vampire skeletons dates back to the 16th century, when a plague broke out.

So people believe that they’re going to put bricks in the mouth of the dead. After investigating an island, anthropologist Matteo Borini of the University of Florence found that behind the spread of death plagues such as the black death is the legend of vampires.

It turned out that from 1300 to 1700, the plague broke out one after another on the European continent, and the vampire also reached its climax in this period. At that time, some people also understood these factors by decomposing the human body.

Some people reopened the tomb and found that the body’s organs had become bloated, hair was still growing, and blood was oozing from the mouth. As a result, it is believed that the bodies are still alive. In order not to turn them into vampires to spread the plague, people put bricks in their mouths.

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