The mystery of Zhaojun’s leaving the Great Wall: why can he only take Pipa to the Great Wall

Wang Zhaojun is one of the famous “Four Beauties” in ancient China. About her story, there are a lot of records in the official history documents such as Hanshu and Houhanshu.

However, in the more than 60 years of reconciliation between the Han Dynasty and the Huns, none of the princesses who shoulder the responsibility of “reconciliation” has left any record in history.

Only the deeds of Wang Zhaojun, who is not as noble as the Royal Princess, are recorded in many historical documents, and various versions of the story are derived.

Why Wang Zhaojun took the place of the princess of the Han Dynasty and went to the northern region to make peace has become the focus of many historians.

In March of the first year of Jingning, emperor yuan of the Han Dynasty, the Huns called Han Xie Chanyu and went to the court to see him. After meeting Hanyuan emperor, he asked Hanyuan emperor to let the princess marry down and make peace with her.

Emperor yuan of the Han Dynasty was originally worried about war in the border areas, hoping to contain the Xiongnu by means of making peace with his relatives, so that he would not have to waste his life and money and fight on the battlefield. Now I hear huhanna’s request. He agreed immediately.

At this time, Feng Zhaoyi, the favorite of emperor yuan of the Han Dynasty, said to him: “there are thousands of women in your Majesty’s harem. Many of them have seen your majesty once.

Your majesty usually wants to summon these women. They are all selected according to the portraits. When you see which woman in the portraits is beautiful, you can choose which one to serve.

In this case, why not choose an ordinary looking woman to marry instead of the princess?

It turns out that after he ascended the throne, emperor yuan of the Han Dynasty despised the aging and debauchery of many women in the palace, so he ordered to select beautiful women from all over the world to enter the palace, and asked the painters in the palace to draw pictures of these women one by one, so that he could choose beautiful articles to serve himself every night according to the pictures.

Later, the emperor ordered people to take all the pictures of beauty in the harem in front of him. However, because there were too many women in the pictures, the emperor did not have time to look at them one by one. He chose a woman named Wang Qiang who was mediocre in the picture as a princess and ordered the palace to buy a dowry for her.

The next day, emperor yuan of the Han Dynasty specially hosted a banquet in the court hall to entertain Hu Hanye. In the middle of the banquet, the emperor ordered to summon the princess, so that the princess and Hu Hanna could go to the post house to get married and salute the emperor and Shan Yu.

Emperor yuan of the Han Dynasty could not help but be stunned at the sight. It turned out that this woman’s appearance was so beautiful that she was a rare beauty.

Emperor yuan of the Han Dynasty could not help wondering why he had never seen such a beautiful woman before?

Now, it’s hard to marry such a beautiful woman into Xiongnu, so I want to leave her and give another person to Hu Hanye.

Then he turned to see Hu Hanxie, and saw that he focused his eyes on Wang Yi and refused to move.

Seeing this, the emperor worried that he would break his promise to Xiongnu, so he had to marry her to Huhanxie.

When the emperor returned to the harem, he sent someone to pass on the beautiful lady. The emperor asked, “what’s your original name? When did you enter the palace? ” She said, “my little girl’s name is Wang Yi. It has been three years since I entered the palace. “

After Wang Zhaojun left, emperor yuan of the Han Dynasty was still reluctant to give up, so he ordered to take a closer look at the picture of beauty in the harem. I saw that the portrait was only two or three parts of me.

It’s still sketchy. Then I look at the portraits of other women who have been summoned, one by one.

More beautiful than myself. In this way. Emperor yuan of the Han Dynasty realized that it was the painter in the palace who cheated.

Immediately. Emperor Han Yuan ordered people to arrest and interrogate the painter who painted Wang Yi’s portrait. After investigation, this person is Mao Yanshou. Mao Yanshou is naturally greedy. He has repeatedly asked the maids in court for bribes, and they all hope to be called by the emperor. Therefore, many people will try their best to bribe Mao Yanshou, and Mao Yanshou will also draw a plain looking woman beautiful and graceful.

And those who have no money to bribe his maids, he will deliberately draw them ugly. Wang Zhaojun had a poor family and was unable to pay bribes. In addition, he was arrogant in nature and refused to bribe Mao Yanshou. Therefore, Mao Yanshou deliberately painted Wang Zhaojun as mediocre.

So, a few years later, she is still just a maid waiting for the emperor. Now, Pipa Zhaojun was beheaded by the Xiongnu, and she was beheaded by the Xiongnu.

When the royal court sent the escort team to Chang’an, people rushed to see Wang Zhaojun. When people look at such a beautiful woman who is going to leave the capital for Xiongnu, they all sigh.

On the way to the Great Wall, Wang Zhaojun was sad, but no one told him. I had to play a piece of “ChuSai Qu” with Pipa in my arms immediately to express my resentment.

The sound of Pipa contains a strong sense of nostalgia and a loss of what to do about the future. According to legend, even the wild geese flying in the sky, seeing her beauty and hearing her bleak music, fell to the ground one after another. This is the source of the allusion “falling geese” in “sinking fish and falling geese”.

Since Wang Zhaojun married far away from the Great Wall, emperor yuan of the Han Dynasty took her parents and brothers to Chang’an City, rewarded them with houses and fields, and settled them properly.

And Hu Hanxie is also full of joy since she got Wang Zhaojun, the peerless beauty. All day drinking, also sent messengers to send a large number of precious gifts in return for the Han Yuan emperor’s wife.

After Wang Zhaojun arrived in Xiongnu, Hu Hanxie was very kind to her and named her ninghukai. Later, Wang Zhaojun gave birth to a son named ituyas.

Later, Hu Hanxie died, and his eldest son, Diao Mo Gao, succeeded to the throne. If you see Wang Zhaojun alone, he is still beautiful. So I married her.

Wang Zhaojun had been in Xiongnu for a long time. He knew that according to the local custom, after his father died, his stepson could marry his stepmother.

Ruo 鞮 immediately canonized Wang Zhaojun as the Kuo family, and all treatment was the same as that of Lao Shan Yu when he was alive. Later, Wang Zhaojun gave birth to two more daughters, the eldest being Xu Buju and the youngest being Dang Yuju.

More than ten years later, Wang Zhaojun died of illness. Buried in the South Bank of the Dahei River, the cemetery is still there. It is said that the grass color outside the Great Wall is withered and yellow every autumn. Only the grass color on Wang Zhaojun’s tomb is green all year round, so it is called Qingzhong in later generations.

Because she was far away from home and went to the great wall alone. Later generations also specially made a piece of music for her, which was put into Yuefu, called Zhaojun resentment. Some people say that when Zhaojun went out of the fortress, he immediately played the lute and composed this song.

There are many controversies about Wang Zhaojun’s motives in history. As for the origin and development of this incident, the literati of the calendar have given many different versions, and the above is only the most widely spread version.

In addition, some people think that Wang Zhaojun went to the frontier voluntarily, not forced. The reason why Wang Zhaojun volunteered to go out of the frontier.

Because he had not been summoned by the emperor for many years, he was inevitably resentful. So he took the opportunity to leave the Han Palace and went to Xiongnu. He also took the opportunity to get rid of the tragic fate of dying in the Han Palace.

There is another view that Wang Zhaojun was vilified after he entered the palace because he was proud of his beauty and personality, and he did not bribe the painter Mao Yanshou.

Emperor Hanyuan chose the maids according to the portraits. Naturally, he had the chance to summon Wang Zhaojun, so Wang Zhaojun could not be favored by the emperor.

In addition, she lived in the palace for a long time, lonely and boring, so when she heard that the Huns wanted to join the court, she asked to go to the Huns. With the consent of emperor yuan of Han Dynasty, he went far away to make peace with his relatives outside the Great Wall.

It is also said that Wang Zhaojun left the frontier because of Mao Yanshou’s policy of saving the country. It is said that after Wang Zhaojun was selected into the palace, the court painter Mao Yanshou saw that she was so beautiful that he worried that the emperor of the Yuan Dynasty, who had been addicted to beauty, would not be able to harm the country by himself. Therefore, when he painted Wang Zhaojun, he deliberately vilified her.

At the beginning, Emperor Han Yuan didn’t notice it until he called Han Xie to the court to ask for marriage. Emperor Han Yuan selected the ugly girl in the palace according to the image, so he chose Wang Zhaojun.

Later, when he saw Wang Zhaojun’s real purpose, he wanted to go back, but he had no choice but to go out to make peace with him. Some scholars in history also praised Mao Yanshou’s brilliant move.

Emperor yuan of the Han Dynasty was greedy for women. If he didn’t send Wang Zhaojun away, she would be favored in the future, which might be harmful to the country and the people.

According to the official history documents of our country. Wang Zhaojun went out to make peace. It played a positive role in the peace of the frontier in Han Dynasty. When Wang Mang was in power, he once ordered Wang Zhaojun’s eldest daughter, Xu Buju, to serve him.

It can be seen from these records that Wang Zhaojun went out to make peace with his relatives. During the reign of huhanye father and son, the relationship between Han Dynasty and Xiongnu was harmonious, which also shows the positive effect of this political marriage.

However, some people think that there were many counsellors and good generals in the Han Dynasty, but they used a woman to seek peace, which really hurt the country. Later on, there was a poem that said, “when I hated you very much, my jade appearance was icy and my skin was stained with Hu dust. If the frontier fortress is not set up to bury and humiliate the prisoners, why should the imperial court worship the meritorious officials.

In the Han Dynasty, the eunuch was in power. In order to save the common people in the world, Wang Zhaojun chose to go out to make peace. This is an ordinary woman’s greatest contribution to the country and the people.

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