The nearby star has sent mysterious radio waves to the earth. Can we reply? It could have terrible consequences

I believe many astronomers have heard of the extraterrestrial civilization search project. It is a great plan to search for extraterrestrial civilization that started soon after human beings came out of the earth. Before human beings go out of the earth, we will still doubt the existence of alien civilization, but when we really go out of the earth and see the vast universe, this doubt is basically gone.

From the perspective of the vast universe, the probability of the existence of alien civilization is basically 100%, but before we really discover alien civilization, we can only guess everything about them, including the appearance of aliens, the social situation of alien civilization and the scientific development.

Alien civilization is a strange existence for us. How can we find them? Launch an interstellar probe? In 1977, scientists launched Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, both of which carry a gold CD-ROM recording the earth’s coordinates and human information.

Scientists hope that when the Voyager spacecraft flies out of the solar system and into the starry space, it will be captured by the alien civilization. According to the information on the CD-ROM of the spaceship, the alien civilization can know the existence of human beings and the coordinates of the earth, and then come to the solar system to communicate with human beings.

Is it possible that the project of searching for alien civilization through the probe will succeed? The answer is very slim. As we all know, the distance of the universe is based on light years, and a small solar system with the diameter of the Oort cloud is 2 light years. At Voyager’s speed, it may not be able to fly out of the Oort cloud for tens of thousands of years.

Scientists launched Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 not only to search for extraterrestrial civilization, but also to explore the edge of the solar system. Of course, previous scientists’ understanding of the scope of the solar system was biased. At the beginning, scientists thought that the Kuiper belt was the edge of the solar system. As long as it went out of the solar layer, it would be out of the solar system.

If it is out of the solar system, Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 have already left the solar system. However, with the continuous progress of science and technology, scientists observed the existence of the Oort cloud, and then redefined the broad scope of the solar system. Under the scope of the new solar system, Voyager basically has no hope of going out of the solar system.

If we can’t get out of the solar system, it’s impossible to be captured by alien civilization, unless an alien civilization comes to the solar system. There is no hope for the exploration spacecraft to find the alien civilization. Scientists have focused on the space wireless signal. As we all know, after human beings entered the era of science and technology, they began the research and exploration of radio.

With the strength of human science and technology, radio signal transmission has become a very common thing. The detectors we send to all directions of the solar system also transmit information to the earth through wireless signals. People who have not yet entered the first level of civilization are already using wireless signals, so it is inevitable that those advanced alien civilizations in the universe will have stronger wireless signals.

Extraterrestrial civilization in the interstellar detector will use a lot of wireless signals, these wireless signals spread in the universe, it is possible to be detected by the human telescope. In addition, if other alien civilizations have also observed the solar system and seen the earth, they may also actively send very strong wireless pulse signals to the earth because they are not sure whether there will be civilization on the earth.

This kind of signal may be more easily received by human beings because it is actively transmitted by alien civilization. Scientists expect to receive this mysterious signal, and then crack it to know the existence of alien civilization, and determine their location according to the source.

In addition to searching for possible signals of alien civilization in the universe, scientists are also constantly searching for galaxies near the solar system to see if there are possible living planets and intelligent civilizations. After exploration, scientists have found a suspicious galaxy, that is our neighbor, the biling galaxy.

Neighboring star is a star close to the earth, which is only 4.2 light-years away from us. The current exploration has found a gas giant planet and a rocky planet 17% larger than the earth’s volume in biling galaxy. The rocky planet is just in the habitable zone of the star system, and there may be liquid water on its surface.

Many of my friends know about Bilin through a three body science fiction novel. The powerful triad in the novel is from the nearby star. Many friends who have read the trisomy are wondering whether there will be a strong alien civilization in the nearby galaxy in reality?

The neighbor star is the neighbor star of the earth. It is so far away from us that it naturally attracts the high attention of scientists. The telescope has also been monitoring the direction of billiard to see if there will be a mysterious signal? Some time ago, scientists actually detected a mysterious beam of radio waves, which originated from the earth’s leading star biling.

According to scientists, as early as April 2020, the parks radio telescope in Australia discovered this signal. This signal is different from the signal received before. It has a slight change in the observation process, which is similar to the change caused by planetary motion.

For this mysterious signal, scientists are very excited, but also maintain a cautious attitude. It is still unknown whether it is the natural signal of celestial bodies or the greeting of the three body civilization to human beings. If this is a greeting from Bilin’s intelligent civilization, I believe it will continue to appear in the future.

Although scientists expect to discover alien civilization, if it is found near the solar system, the existence of alien civilization can be found. It may not be good news for human beings. When Hawking talked about the mysterious radio waves from the universe, he had a saying like this: I hope that radio telescopes that can listen to cosmic signals in the world will not answer any suspicious signals.

Hawking believes that alien civilization may not be friends, and there may be a dark forest law in the universe. Once the existence of the earth and human beings is exposed, it may bring us disaster. The vast distance between the cosmos hinders the contact and communication between civilizations. However, if the distance is relatively close, as long as the preliminary sub light speed flight is realized, there is hope to arrive.

Billiard star is only 4.2 light-years away from us, which is very short in the universe. As long as controllable nuclear fusion is realized by energy technology, it is possible to realize primary subluminal flight, so that we can reach billiard Galaxy within several decades from the earth. Controllable nuclear fusion technology, with human science and technology, is also expected to be realized in a century.

If there is an alien civilization in the neighboring star, and its scientific and technological strength is stronger than ours, then theoretically it has the scientific and technological strength to come to the solar system. So it’s not good news for us to have an alien civilization so close. Once they have also detected the existence of the earth, it is difficult to say what the fate of mankind will be.

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