The “new continent” captured by satellite is approaching China. Scientist: it’s not a good thing!

The development of human civilization is not achieved overnight. We have existed on the earth for millions of years. The survival of the fittest in nature is the test of all things. With its strong vitality and superb wisdom, human beings are firmly at the top of the food chain. Since the last century, we have made great efforts to develop science and technology. Earth shaking changes have taken place in our lives. With science, we can better monitor the earth and even go to the universe.

The birth of the new world

Many countries have launched many satellites to the earth and space. These satellites can help us monitor the environment around the earth. Just a while ago, the US satellite captured such a picture. Now the surface of the earth has changed, and a new continent has appeared on the earth’s territory. The continent is marching towards Asia. Maybe it won’t take much time. It’s a pity A continent will arrive in China. What’s the matter?

Garbage continent

The earth is always in plate movement, some people think that the birth of a new continent may be a good thing. Now global warming has become a fact. If all glaciers disappear in the future, the sea level will rise. By that time, many countries will be inundated, and this new continent is likely to become a new habitat for human beings. After analyzing the photos, scientists believe that this is not a good thing. This new continent is not a continent in the traditional sense, but a land piled up by garbage. In terms of area, there are three Japanese in this new continent, with a total weight of 4 million tons. If such a piece of garbage enters Asia or even China, it will certainly affect China’s ecological environment, which will be a serious survival test for human beings.

Although plastic has brought great convenience to our life, plastic bags are difficult to degrade in nature. If a piece of plastic wants to be completely degraded in nature, it will take hundreds of years at least. Human beings produce hundreds of millions of tons of plastic waste every year, and few of them can be completely recycled. Most of the plastic waste is piled up on land for a long time, even into the ocean, and goes everywhere with the ocean current movement.

This garbage continent is actually formed by the garbage stacking of various countries. At present, the garbage continent is moving with the ocean current, and it will certainly cause changes in the ecosystem. Scientists have found that plastic bags appear in the depths of thousands of meters, which shows how strong the penetration ability of plastic is.

Nowadays, plastics have entered organisms, and scientists have also found micro plastic particles in human feces and placenta. It can be seen that the situation of plastic pollution is still very serious. If we can’t deal with this garbage continent, then once we enter the Asian sea area, the natural environment will face a new round of reshuffle. What do you think?

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