The new iPhone is finally on the shelves, but this defect may stop domestic users

On April 15, another big event happened in the mobile phone market. I believe everyone has heard that Apple released the first apple mobile phone in 2020, which has been exposed for many times since 2018. However, at that time, most consumers had a dubious attitude, because the official did not confirm this before Whether this mobile phone will be released or not, and what surprised many consumers was that yesterday, that is, April 15, the cheap Apple mobile phone that many Apple fans had been waiting for, that is, the new iPhone se, was finally released.

At present, you can see about the new iPhone on Apple’s official website Most of SE’s information, although the price has been confirmed at 3299 yuan, has not yet started the sales channel. According to the description on the official website, it will not start the pre-sale until April 17, and it will not officially start the sale until April 24. In some third-party sales platforms, the pre-sale time is the same as the opening time.

In the eyes of many consumers, it’s more appropriate to call it an upgraded version of iPhone 8 rather than a new iPhone, because there is no obvious change in most configurations. For example, in terms of screen, the new iPhone still uses 4.7 inches in screen size, 1334 × 750 pixels in screen resolution and LCD screen, although the resolution is low It’s not very high, but the effect of the screen is quite good. In addition, it’s really difficult to find obvious differences with the iPhone 8 from the appearance.

In terms of photographing, the new iPhone se still adopts the rear single shot design, with 12 million pixels and 7 million pixels in the front lens. The pixels do not look very high, but the imaging quality is OK, not too good, but not very bad. In addition, in terms of battery life, like the iPhone 8, it can also be regarded as a big slot of the mobile phone. According to the official description, the battery life of the new iPhone se is similar to that of the iPhone 8, so we can infer that the capacity of the new iPhone se will be about 1800 Ma, and it’s better not to have too high expectations in terms of charging power.

Although there are no obvious changes in these aspects, the new iPhone ese has made a big upgrade in terms of processor. It is equipped with the most powerful Apple A13 processor of apple. As the apple official said, “we are on an equal footing with the big brother of iPhone 11 Pro”. You certainly don’t need to worry about your performance in terms of performance. However, the new iPhone has a fatal disadvantage, that is, it does not support dual physical cards. Perhaps this will become an important factor for many domestic users to flinch from it. After all, most domestic consumers still rely on dual cards and dual treatment.

He is quite conscientious about the price of mobile phones. The 64GB version only costs 3299 yuan. If you feel that 64GB memory is not enough, you don’t need to worry about it, because the 128GB version only costs 3799 yuan, and the largest memory is 256gb version, which costs 4599 yuan. You can consider which memory version to start with according to your own needs. I don’t know What do you think of this mobile phone?

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