The nine taboos you can’t do at night are very miraculous, believe me

1. Don’t look back when you walk alone at night

Because you may trip over the stone in front of you

2. If you hear a strange sound in the middle of the night, don’t turn on the light immediately

Because too much light will hurt your eyes

3. Don’t listen to a song called wedding dress

Your parents will come and kill you when they hear that

4. When you go to the bathroom at midnight, don’t play with your mobile phone

Because your legs may get numb

5. Never look in the mirror at night

You’ll scare yourself in the mirror

6. Never peel an apple

Because my mother said don’t eat after brushing her teeth at night

7. You can’t comb your hair in the mirror at midnight

Because the next morning the hair was still messy

8. Don’t go to morgues, crematoria and cemeteries alone at night

Because other people may think of you as a ghost and kill you

9. Don’t play some psychic games at night

It’s all fake, after all

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