The Northeast volcano is abnormal. It has been sleeping for 500000 years, and now it is ready to move!

Living on the earth, human beings can not only enjoy all kinds of beautiful scenery, but also face the potential threat of nature. Some time ago, a volcano in Japan erupted with smoke as high as 4000 meters, causing great damage to the local ecological environment, and human beings can not carry out normal activities. Although China is not a country with frequent earthquakes and volcanoes like Japan, scientists also found that there is a volcano in Northeast China, which is about to move.

Weishan volcano is likely to erupt

This volcano is Weishan volcano located in Wudalianchi area. Geologists found that there are two very huge magma sacs at the bottom of the volcano after geological survey. The magma in the magma sacs has started to move, which worries scientists that the volcano has begun to be active and may even erupt in the future.

All along, scientists think that this volcano is an extinct volcano. After all, its last eruption time was 500000 years ago. In the process of historical development, other volcanoes also had detailed eruptions, but it did not affect Weishan volcano at all. Because of its relatively stable state, it did not attract the attention of scientists. Until this survey, scientists did not notice I found that the volcano was ready to move. In addition to Weishan volcano, some time ago, scientists surveyed Changbai Tianchi volcano and found that the volcano seems to be in an active state.

Tianchi volcano is also ready to move

This has aroused great concern of scientists. Although the level of human science and technology has made great progress and good measures have been taken to prevent various natural disasters in advance, the prevention of volcanic eruption is still a difficult problem to be solved. Nowadays, the Internet technology is extremely developed. Before some large earthquakes, it will take 30 seconds to 1 minute to prevent in advance, which provides the possibility of escape for human beings. However, human beings can not effectively prevent volcanic eruption. Therefore, once the Northeast volcano erupts, the disaster will be irreparable.

Human monitoring of volcanoes is not yet mature

According to the research results of scientists, Changbai Tianchi volcano has been inactive for 300 years. Generally speaking, the dormancy period of the volcano is only a few hundred years or so. Now it has a ready state, which means that in the near future, Tianchi volcano will erupt again. In addition, Tianchi volcano also stores 2 billion tons of water. If the volcano erupts, it will burn hot rock Slurry and a large number of floods will erupt, inundating human settlements, harming human life safety.

It is precisely because human beings are unable to make specific predictions of volcanic eruptions that scientists have been paying close attention to the volcanic state in Northeast China. Of course, you don’t have to worry too much. After all, the conditions for volcanic eruption are very strict. Even if they want to erupt, they may have to wait for hundreds of years. What do you think about the Northeast volcanoes?

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