The ocean, which has been silent for a long time, is now revived again, with a large number of water resources emerging!

The ocean, which has been silent for a long time, is now revived again, with a large number of water resources emerging!

We all have a deep understanding of the impact of global warming. In particular, the north and south poles are seriously affected, and the temperature rises with them, which leads to the melting of countless glaciers. Even the dust laden permafrost for thousands of years has melted. In the process of exploration, some scientists found the corpses of ancient creatures in the frozen soil. After deep understanding, they found that there were a large number of viruses and bacteria in the corpses of ancient creatures. Once the frozen soil completely melts, these bacteria and viruses will be completely released, which will affect the survival of human beings. It is very terrible.

In the final analysis, it is all caused by human beings. Global warming has caused a series of chain reactions. Human beings only seek pleasure for a while, but ignore the consequences. Today’s earth is different from the previous earth, with less resources and worse environment. The future of the earth is worrying. As we all know, the earth and human beings are connected as a whole. They are both prosperous and harmful. Once there is any harm to the earth, human beings can not avoid it. The ocean, which has been silent for a long time, is now revived again, with a large number of water resources emerging!

Nowadays, the resources on the earth are more and more scarce, and even a lot of water resources are scarce. Water is the source of life, everyone should take enough water every day, otherwise the balance of body mechanism will be destroyed. Nowadays, more and more areas are facing the shortage of water resources, especially in the northwest area, where the environment is harsh, yellow sand is everywhere, drought and water shortage. There is a place with very rich water resources, but now it has become extremely barren, that is Lop Nor.

According to historical records, Lop Nur was very prosperous before, and many residents lived happily here. Unfortunately, with the decrease of water resources, human beings were forced to move out of this place. At that time, the environment of Lop Nur was very bad, and as time passed, a dry desert formed. It can be seen that the natural environment had a great impact on human beings. Surprisingly, Lop Nor, which has been dry for many years, has a large amount of water resources. Where do these water resources come from? Scientists know that a large amount of potash is stored in Lop Nur. In order to extract these resources, people frequently exploit groundwater, and then form the saline lake we see.

Now it has plenty of water, which was originally a happy thing, but scientists are not happy. The reason why there is so much water in Lop Nor is due to human behavior, which has both advantages and disadvantages. Although it is a good thing that there is water, human over exploitation of groundwater never takes into account the feelings of the earth, even now Lop Nor is full of a lot of water It will dry up again one day. Human beings should always keep a heart of awe towards nature. If it is not for nature that gives us everything, human beings are nothing.

The power of human beings can neither compete with dinosaurs nor have powerful super power. The only advantage is the brain. However, human beings still do not cherish the resources on the earth. Sooner or later, if human beings continue to do so, the earth will perish and human beings will not come to a good end. What do you think when you see the sight of Lop Nur? You can leave a message for interaction.

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