The official price reduction of iPhone 11 on Valentine’s Day is a little sincere, but it’s too late!

The iPhone 11 series released in the second half of 2019 must be well known. Although the iPhone series has not been recognized by more consumers after its release, in fact, obvious improvements have been made in many places. For example, in terms of battery life, the capacitance of the whole series has been raised to more than 3000 Ma, and the fluency and performance of the system have been improved They are also more powerful than the iPhone released in 2018.

We all know that the starting price of the iPhone 11 series is 5499 yuan. Compared with previous iPhones, this kind of price is indeed very conscientious, but for most ordinary consumers, this kind of price is still hard to accept. It may also be to get more sales. Generally, Apple will launch some preferential activities every holiday, such as As we all know, February 14 is Valentine’s day. On this day, apple officially made a price reduction activity. Apple directly reduced its price by 200 yuan in its own stores on a certain platform.

In addition to the price reduction of Apple’s official online store, the price of the iPhone 11 on some third-party sales platforms has also been adjusted. Even on a Duoduo platform, the lowest price has dropped to 4799 yuan, which is much cheaper than the price of the official online store, although now I want to buy an iPhone C is really much cheaper than when it was just released, and even the official made a concession this time, but it’s too late for most consumers.

People who know about Apple’s mobile phone business should know that there is a very interesting rule, that is, it will make a big improvement every three years, for example, from the iPhone 6 series to the iPhone 8 series. Compared with previous mobile phones, at least in terms of appearance, it is much more pleasing.

Three years have passed from the iPhone X series to this year’s iPhone 11 series. Compared with previous iPhones, they have also made great changes in appearance. Therefore, for the next iPhone 12 series to be released, it is likely to make adjustments in appearance again, and it is very possible to adopt a full screen design.

So now, most consumers are waiting for the release of the iPhone 12 series. Even if the price of the iPhone series has dropped to more than 4000 yuan, they don’t want to spend the money. After all, the iPhone 12 series will be released in October this year at the latest. If they start with the iPhone 11 now, they will not be willing to throw it away and then start with the iPhone 12. So what do you think of the price reduction of the iPhone 11 series?

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