The offspring of the mermaid? What do they live in the ocean for?

We all heard the fairy tales of mermaids when we were young. We didn’t know that the stories in the fairy tales were all made up until we grew up. There can’t be mermaids in the world. Human beings live on the earth with the help of land resources, the ocean area is very large, but it is not suitable for human survival. But there is such a race on the earth. They live in the ocean from generation to generation. Are they the descendants of “Mermaid”?

Ba Yao people have strong water quality

This race is the Ba Yao nationality. They breed in the sea from generation to generation, so some people call them the people of the sea. Since the emergence of Ba Yao people, they have never been on the land in their life. They usually make a living by fishing. It is because of this living habit that they have developed a good ability of swimming. Once there was a documentary on the Internet, which is a portrayal of the life of the Ba Yao people. Among the Bayao people, whether they are young or old, they must learn to swim. Many seven or eight year old children are even better at swimming than adults. Therefore, the water quality of Bayao people is very strong. Some Bayao people can stay in the water for several hours without any problem.

Why can ba Yao people live in water?

This race has also aroused the interest of scientists. According to the course of human evolution, when we live in a certain environment for a long time, our living habits and bodies will also change with the environment. Does the Ba Yao people have evolved organs and abilities different from human beings when they live in the ocean for a long time? Why can they stay in the ocean for such a long time? Scientists have observed the Bayao people for a long time and found that their ears seem to be different from ordinary people. It is the structure of the ears that enables them to roam freely in the ocean.

The legend of Ba Yao nationality

Now the living standard has gradually improved, and the educational resources and lifestyle on land are superior. Why do the Ba Yao people still live in the sea? So we have to mention the legend of Ba Yao people. It is said that a long time ago, there was a young princess in Malaysia. Because of the tsunami in this place, the princess was washed away by the sea. In order to find the princess, the Bayao people went to the sea one after another. They vowed that if they could not find the princess, they would never go ashore. After that, they would stay in the sea forever.

Of course, it’s just a legend. The Ba Yao people soak in the sea every day, and their breath holding ability is very strong. Many Ba Yao people can dive to 25 meters, which is beyond the reach of ordinary people.

As the people of the sea, the number of Bayao people is gradually decreasing. Nowadays, the social concept has changed greatly. Many Bayao people have entered the land for their children’s sake. Now there are very few Ba Yao people living in the sea, but their diving ability and marine habits are still worthy of our admiration. What do you think?

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