The only “dumb people” in the world feed on poisonous snakes, insects and ants, but the number is decreasing year by year!

As we all know, human beings lived in groups at the first time. Because the thought and language of human beings in the primitive society were not completely formed, in order to resist the harsh living environment and the invasion of wild animals, living in groups can protect themselves well and breed their offspring better. With the continuous evolution of human beings, social life has been eliminated. Everyone is an independent individual in society. But there are still many unknown places on earth that we haven’t found. There may be other civilizations there. Once someone found a mysterious tribe in a forest in South America. Surprisingly, although they are no different from ordinary people, they can’t speak!

Kmanga people can’t speak, they communicate by their own gesture

The tribe is located in Bolivia, South America, and the local people call them “kmanga.”. Before people found them, they lived in the most primitive social life. Because they lived deep in the forest, the dense trees became the best barrier for them to be isolated from the world. Their food is mainly various animals, snakes, monkeys, frogs and so on. Their long hunting life has made them develop a good skill.

When people found the kemanga people, they intended to communicate with them, but they found that they could not speak and could only communicate with their own sign language, which was beyond human understanding. So scientists have studied their vocal cords, trying to uncover the truth that they can’t speak. The results show that the vocal cords of the kemanga people are different from those of human beings. The reason why human beings can make sound is because of vocal cord vibration. The frequency of vocal cord vibration is also related to the thickness of sound. The vocal cords of the kemanga have degenerated, and they can’t make a sound even if they want to speak.

The degeneration of vocal cords in kemanga may be related to lifestyle

Some scientists speculate that the degradation of vocal cords is also caused by their lifestyle. Because they live a primitive hunting life, this requires that their hunting environment must be very quiet. In the long run, their vocal cords gradually degenerate, and they can only rely on gesture communication.

Although they are isolated from the world and can only eat some animals, they still live happily. We all know that in the virgin forest, many animals are highly toxic and bacteria, but they have not been poisoned. Scientists believe that changes in the environment have led to the evolution of some aspects of them. The kemanga people have no other food to eat, they can only eat these animals. For a long time, they have formed a specific immune response.

There must be primitive tribes in other parts of the world, but they haven’t been discovered yet. Today, the number of kemanga people is less than 40000. We don’t know what their future will be. Some people think that their living environment has been affected by the external, breaking the original way of life, because they are not suitable for the pace of modern life, will eventually be eliminated by nature. This view is only a guess, which can not be explained by the existing science and technology. What do you think of the kemanga people? Welcome to comment area message exchange discussion.

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