The only female tribe in the world, without any male, how to breed?

I think many people are very familiar with journey to the West. At that time, it was often played on TV. Many people may be deeply impressed by the country of daughters, which is a kingdom of only women. Many people think that this is a bridge in the novel, which is not true at all. In the development of human civilization for thousands of years, there are still many primitive tribes, one of which seems to be the real version of the daughter country.

Indian pure female tribe

This primitive tribe is located in the virgin forest of the Amazon. It is all made up of women. This is the pure female Indian tribe. Nowadays, with the rapid development of human civilization, many people are very curious about the primeval forest, especially these primeval tribes are also shrouded in mystery. The pure female Indian tribe is a primeval tribe, and many people may be more curious. Why are there only women in this tribe? In fact, this is because the women in the tribe reject men very much from generation to generation. They are a matriarchal society. No men are allowed to appear in this tribe. The appearance of men is to disturb their lives. They think that they can still be very happy without men.

So can the women living in the tribe really cope with the disasters in the virgin forest? With these problems, scientists have also studied this tribe. Originally, they thought that women are very weak. However, women in this tribe have subverted human cognition. Because they have lived in the virgin forest since childhood, women in the tribe are not inferior to men. They are not only familiar with the dangers in the tropical rainforest, but also have strong predatory and defensive abilities Strong, even in the face of jackals, tigers and leopards are not inferior, fearless. In so many years of primitive life, they have passed on the survival skills from generation to generation, making very young children from primary school to survival skills. Many people here will have doubts about how to reproduce in this tribe composed of women?

The way of reproduction

Although men are not allowed to enter this tribe, if the women in the tribe have reached the age of childbearing, they will go to the nearby tribes to look for men who are still pleasing to the eye, and then they will take these men back to the tribe and expel them after giving birth. Today, the number of women in this tribe has grown to 700. They are very resistant to men and have no yearning for love. Seeing this, Xiaobian realized that they are really primitive.

We often say that motherhood is great, but people in female tribes don’t think so. Some things and behaviors also overturn the view of human beings. If they give birth to a baby boy in the process of breeding, they won’t be especially kind to them. After all, it’s a life. They won’t keep the baby boy in the tribe, and they will put them in other tribes. Fortunately, these things If a baby girl is born, these people will take good care of her and teach her how to live in the forest. It is by this way that the tribe is growing.

There are still many unexpected things in the unknown places, such as the female tribes in the Amazon rainforest. In our opinion, they are not recognized by the natural development and will be gradually eliminated in the future. But who would have thought that they have firmly survived in the process of development for so many years. They have been very adapted to their own way of life, and they still don’t want to I want to go out and see the new world.

With the improvement of civilization, many departments are also actively improving this situation. They hope to lead these primitive tribes back to the embrace of society, so that their living standards will be greatly improved. Of course, it will take a long time. Only when the primitive tribes are more and more adapted to modern life, can human civilization develop faster. What do you think?

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