The only kind of animal that needs ID card at home, passport for going abroad and ticket for flying

Local tyrants show their favorite

This kind of pet has a fierce temperament. The reason why it puts a small cover on its head is to prevent it from attacking the same kind.

The favorite of a local tyrant

what? You said it was an eagle? Then you’re really unprofessional.

When it comes to local tyrant pets, the first things you think of are tigers, leopards, lions, even boa constrictors, Grizzlies and so on. But this pet, the Falcon, is also one of the most valuable pets in the Middle East.

In the movie no man’s land, at the beginning of the movie, the poacher played by Huang Bo uses birds as bait to catch a falcon. He told the police who caught him that the Falcon was for the prince of Arabia and could be sold for $1 million. In the Middle East, falcons that have always been good can be sold at a high price of $1 million, or even higher, and the price is still rising. Every year, 6000 to 8000 falcons are imported into the Middle East, of which about 20000 are used for hunting, mainly from China, Central Europe, North Africa, northern India, Mongolia and other countries.

Falcon has a fierce temperament, and its food includes small and medium-sized birds. Even the fierce Falcon can attack large and fierce birds such as golden eagles, but it is usually not for food, mainly to expel large birds. Although the temperament is fierce, it is easy to domesticate. After domestication, it is a very good hunter. Therefore, in the Middle East countries, Falcon hunting has become a symbol of wealth and status.

In the Middle East, the biggest difference of falcons is their identity. Falcons not only need to have the same ID card as people, but also need to apply for a passport if they go abroad. They also need to buy tickets like people when they fly. In short, falcons are second only to human beings in the Middle East.

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