The only one buried on a celestial body outside the earth, scientist: it must be this legend

In this age of not going out to know Pepsi, with the rapid development of science and technology, only the earth can no longer satisfy people’s curiosity and exploration of the unknown, and human beings gradually focus on the boundless universe. It is because of curiosity and the desire to explore the unknown that science and technology has reached the amazing level. Human probes have visited many planets, but when it comes to which planets humans have actually landed, there is only one on the moon. When it comes to the moon, we all know that, because so far, human beings have visited the moon many times, and many great astronauts have brought back precious lunar information and materials for human beings, which has greatly improved human’s space development and knowledge of celestial bodies in the universe. However, when it comes to the moon, we have to say that this legendary figure behind the brilliance of human beings, and he is also a famous man He is the only one buried on the celestial body outside the earth in human history.

He is a famous American geologist, and more importantly, he is the pioneer and founder of planetary science. This legendary figure is Eugene shumeike! Eugene had an extraordinary yearning for the moon since he was a child, and showed amazing talent in science since he was a child. Eugene shoemaker was born in 1928. At the age of 19, he graduated from California Institute of technology and went directly to the U.S. Geological Survey. In 1959, Eugene shoemaker studied the balinger crater in depth, and then proposed that the crater was not caused by volcanic eruption, but by the impact of meteorites from the outer sky on the earth’s surface. At the same time, he also wondered whether the dense craters on the surface of the moon might be the same as the craters on the earth. He is looking forward to landing on the moon one day and realizing his dream.

Eugene shoemaker had been a candidate for the Apollo moon landing, but the reality always failed. When he was approaching the moon landing, he was diagnosed with Addison’s disease, weakness, loss of appetite, unable to meet the requirements of landing on the moon, so he had to give up. This has always become his heart knot. However, he didn’t fall behind. He actively planned NASA’s moon landing program and was responsible for training all the astronauts who carried out the Apollo moon landing program so that they could fulfill their dreams. In addition to studying the earth and the moon, Eugene shoemaker expanded his goal to other planets. With his in-depth research and accumulation, geology has become an indispensable part of planetary exploration.

After the death of Eugene shoemaker, in memory of Eugene, the Australian crater and his discovery of the asteroid shoemaker are named after him. But the most touching thing is that on January 7, 1998, the lunar explorer probe launched by NASA arrived on the moon with some of Eugene’s ashes. After completing the mission, it did not return. Instead, it bumped into a crater in the moon’s south pole and crashed into this undisturbed place. With Eugene’s ashes permanently buried here, Eugene also had a dream with him The land in my mind is always fused together.

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