The only primitive tribe in the world, which has not evolved for tens of thousands of years, will be attacked as soon as human contact!

Today’s mankind has created a highly developed scientific and technological civilization, and our lives have undergone earth shaking changes, but in fact, primitive tribes still exist in some parts of the world. When it comes to primitive tribes, many people think of tropical rainforests in Africa, but in fact, primitive tribes in Africa have also been stained with traces of modern people. Speaking of the primitive tribes in the world that have not been affected by the present civilization, there is only one left, the sentry.

North Sentinel Island

They live on an island between the bay of Bengal and the ocean of Myanmar. This island is also called North sentinel island. The local people are used to calling this island sentinel island. The primitive people living on this island are sentinels. According to the data of scientists, traces of human existence have appeared on this island as early as 60000 years ago, and the area of the earth at that time was far from what it is now. The island was also a piece of land 60000 years ago. The ancestors of the Sentinels lived and multiplied here. Later, with the movement of the earth’s crust, the sea level rose. These people had no way to leave the island and lived in isolation from the rest of the world.

They still have a very old way of life, and ordinary food is also from hunting. Their language is a school of their own, and even modern people can’t understand it at all. In fact, over the years, many primitive tribes have been discovered by modern human beings, and they have come into contact with modern civilization, but only this island still lives a very primitive life.



Action in self-defense

The British discovered the island in 1880, when they wanted to explore it, but they were refused by the sentinels. Whether it was war or coercion and inducement, the Sentinels remained unmoved, and Britain had to leave with its soldiers. Since then, sentry island seems to be forgotten by human beings, until the 1960s, India began to slowly approach the island, and from time to time to send them some gifts to show their goodwill.

But the Sentinels did not accept their good intentions at all. Because they could not communicate with each other, when the Sentinels saw the ships and planes, they would take up their own weapons to attack. For decades, even the government had no good way to contact them. In 2018, American missionaries wanted to enter the island, but they didn’t expect to lose their lives soon after they landed on the island.

It is enough to see how strong the Sentinels’ consciousness of protecting their territory is. For so many years, human beings have never been able to bring them out. Xiaobian thinks that they are very mature to survive on their own island, and there is no need to let them return to the real society. This may be the last pure land of primitive human on the earth. What do you think?

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