The orangutan, who once went to university, has been integrated into human life for 9 years, but has made a big mistake!

The orangutan, who once went to university, has been integrated into human life for 9 years, but has made a big mistake!

Chimpanzees are considered to have the closest intelligence quotient to human beings. Their brain intelligence quotient is equivalent to that of a 5-year-old child. In addition to the appearance is quite different from human beings, many other aspects have similarities. Once upon a time, a chimpanzee was brought up by human beings and learned human behavior as quickly as possible. It was even better than human children in many ways. It was a close relative of human beings.

As early as 6 million years ago, chimpanzees and humans shared a common ancestor, until they evolved separately. Judging from the similarity between the two species, the difference between the two species is very small. Going back a long time, chimpanzees and orangutans are all human ancestors, with gene similarity of 96%. There was once a doctor who did an experiment. She was Lynn miles. She adopted an orangutan and taught her all kinds of human behaviors since childhood. She named the orangutan shatek. The orangutan, who once went to university, has been integrated into human life for 9 years, but has made a big mistake!

Chatek’s brilliant life experience

Nine months after its birth, the fate of her life has been changed. Under the meticulous care of her doctor, she wears diapers for her, teaches her to play with toys, and almost raises her as her own child. She grows up with care every day. The relationship between the two is very close. Due to the congenital defects of her physiological structure, shatek can’t speak coherent words like human beings. Some simple words can be used very well Clearly speaking, it is very smart, can understand the human language, but also observe the language, do the right thing, praise it will feel happy, do the wrong thing will hide in a corner silently sad.

Under the careful guidance of the doctor, shatek did not disappoint her, but also learned hundreds of sign language, thinking and so on. In this doctor’s view, chateker can have human personality. Although his birth environment is different from that of human beings, he can be almost the same as human beings through postnatal cultivation. In order to further improve its ability, the doctor sent it to the University and made many good friends.

The reasons for chatek’s return to primitive life

However, it didn’t last long. When he was 9 years old, for some unknown reason, he suddenly attacked a college student. Because his behavior was too dangerous, he locked him up and restricted his free activities. Before long, he was sent back to the zoo. It is a pity that it has been living with human beings for a long time and gradually adapted to the living environment of human beings. It is difficult to integrate into the environment of orangutans. Finally, it becomes depressed and mentally abnormal. Even if the doctor wants to save it, he can do nothing.

This experiment further shows that there are obvious differences between orangutans and humans, because many behaviors of orangutans are difficult for us to understand. Even if we can develop human habits through postnatal cultivation, we may not have the way that humans treat people or things. Orangutans are new, and humans are human. They all come to the same end in different ways. It’s impossible to confuse them. They can only be regarded as close relatives of human beings, and they can’t become real human beings through artificial changes. What’s your opinion on this experiment? You can leave a message for interaction.

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