The original hair may also cause cancer or cirrhosis! Never use this hair dye

Everyone has the love of beauty, but it has existed in people’s consciousness since ancient times. With the development of the times, people’s pursuit of beauty is also the pattern layer, and hair dyeing is also the most common and common method. However, people may only have a vague concept about how harmful hair dyes are. Today I’d like to talk about how harmful hair dyes are.

Let’s start with hair dyes. Hair dyes are divided into temporary hair dyes and permanent hair dyes. Temporary hair dyes are disposable. They are only dyed on the surface of the hair. Once washed, they will all fade, which is convenient and fast. Permanent hair dyeing can be divided into plant permanent hair dyeing, metal permanent hair dyeing and oxidation permanent hair dyeing. Plant permanent hair dye is a kind of pigment extracted from plant flower stems, which has relatively low impact on human body, but the cost is relatively high, which is rare in China. Permanent metal hair dyeing is based on metal raw materials. The color has a dark metal appearance, but it will make the hair brittle. The last one is also our common oxidative permanent hair dye.

Oxidative hair dyeing is known by the name of chemical reagent. There must be some raw materials in hair dyes, such as intermediates and coupling agents. After dye intermediates and coupling agents penetrate into the cortex of hair, oxidation reaction, coupling and condensation reaction will occur, and then large dye molecules will be formed and sealed in the hair fiber, so as to change the color of hair. It has to be said that oxidizing hair dyes contain p-phenylenediamine, which is internationally recognized as a carcinogen.

It’s not that you can’t dye your hair once, you can dye your hair properly, but too many times will cause harm. Ms. Chen of Harbin has been dyeing her hair for ten years, once a month. Because Ms. Chen has white hair, she goes to the barber’s every month to dye her hair. But recently I found that I was less and less energetic, and my skin began to turn yellow. My husband also said that Ms. Chen’s eyes were yellow. Then Ms. Huang went to the hospital for examination. The doctor said that her bilirubin exceeded the standard, which is the middle and late stage of liver cirrhosis. The doctor said that this is not the first case. The hospital has received similar cases before.

Experts say that hair dyes contain toxins. After entering the body, the toxins in the body will be filtered and discharged automatically, and the load of the liver will increase, so long-term hair dyeing will make the body unable to bear. Experts also advise that hair dyeing is OK, but it’s better to have an interval of more than half a year. But if you really want to dye your hair, it’s recommended that you don’t use any hair dyes other than plant hair dyes.

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