The original intention of the three great inventions that have become “sharp weapons to harm others” is to benefit mankind. Unfortunately, they are biased!

The three great inventions that were destroyed were originally intended to pave the way for the benefit of mankind, but they have gone astray!

In this era of infinite possibilities, we have witnessed the development of science and technology visible to the naked eye. Many fantastic ideas have been realized one by one. Before the rise of science and technology, seeing birds flying in the sky, everyone is eager to travel in space. Now, with the emergence of airplanes, transportation has become more convenient. Thanks to the Wright brothers, the dream of flying in the sky has been realized.

At the same time, there are electric lights developed by Edison, which light up the whole night at night. All of these inventions are intended to pave the way for a better future for mankind, and the original intention is very good. However, some inventions have not been used in the right way. They have taken many detours and become harmful tools. They have even been used in the battlefield. Their explosive power is amazing, bringing endless disasters to countless people. So what inventions are not on the right track? The three great inventions that were destroyed were originally intended to pave the way for the benefit of mankind, but they have gone astray!

Three great inventions of being biased

First of all, the first one is opium. The wars once launched have a great relationship with opium. In fact, opium has a great addiction. It can destroy people’s body and mind, break up the original beautiful family, and even kill people in serious cases. However, when opium first appeared, its original intention was good. It can be used as a medical drug to treat diseases, and it is a good medicinal material More and more people are addicted to opium and their lives are ruined.

The second is melamine. It belongs to a kind of chemical raw material, which can be used as fertilizer to help the growth of crops. The Sanlu milk powder incident once caused great concern all over the world, which led many children to become big headed dolls after eating milk powder. Later, through testing, they knew that melamine and other chemicals were added to milk powder, which caused great harm to human body. Until 2017, melamine was identified as a carcinogen and could not be used directly. If you eat it by mistake, it won’t come to a good end.

Finally, radium. This element was invented by Madame Curie. At the beginning, Madame Curie discovered a radioactive substance by accident, which can kill cells, bacteria and so on. It appeared to cure diseases and help mankind get rid of human suffering. However, she did not expect that today’s radium element has become one of the materials for making atomic bombs. The power of an atomic bomb can be imagined, and it will go anywhere It’s in ruins. The nuclear radiation emitted by its explosion will seriously harm people’s health. If it is used in the field of medicine, it will always benefit mankind, but it will eventually become a tool to harm people.

The original intention of these inventions is good. Although they are dead, people are alive. Many people do some extreme behaviors for their own selfish desires, and use these good inventions to harm people and become pests in society. Their behavior is extremely shameful. It’s a pity that if these good inventions have been used in the right way, maybe they will benefit mankind long ago. Besides these inventions, do you know which inventions have become sharp weapons to kill people? You can leave a message for interaction.

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