The Pacific began to cool down, and the probability of La Nina’s occurrence increased greatly, scientists explained!

It seems that 2020 is not a peaceful year. In the first half of the year, the epidemic situation is rampant, the fire in Australia is just beginning, and in the second half of the year, earthquakes occur frequently in many countries, and all kinds of extreme weather emerge in endlessly. It seems that 2020 is not a peaceful year. Although it is summer now, compared with previous years, the weather in China seems not so hot, and the temperature difference is very large. Maybe today is still sunny, and tomorrow will wear long sleeves. Since the beginning of this year, the sea temperature in the Pacific Ocean has been rising. Recently, scientists found that the sea surface temperature in the Pacific Ocean has begun to drop rapidly.

La Nina is very likely to happen

Scientists believe that the abnormal weather conditions in China are closely related to the El Nino phenomenon, which is caused by the rising sea temperature in the Pacific region. But not long after El Nino ended, the temperature in the Pacific began to cool, even lower than normal. So some people speculate, is La Nina coming?

Scientists have also carried out a lot of meteorological analysis and believe that this possibility exists. Since June, El Nino phenomenon has gradually disappeared and the probability of occurrence has decreased. However, with the passage of time, the probability of occurrence of La Nina has increased by 45%. Because we are still in the bottleneck period of weather prediction, the operation of the ocean and atmosphere is very accidental, so the accuracy of La Nina prediction will be reduced. Although the possibility is improved, it does not mean that La Nina will happen.

The changeable climate phenomenon may be related to human behavior

Although La Nina does not necessarily happen, scientists still pay attention to the cooling of the Pacific water. Generally speaking, La Nina is easy to happen in autumn and winter. Since June, there are signs of La Nina. It’s really surprising. This also indicates that there may be more abnormal weather conditions in the second half of 2020.

Scientists believe that the emergence of extreme weather, in addition to the natural factors, is also related to human behavior. For example, the El Nino phenomenon in the past was caused by the rise of sea temperature. The weather of our country is also affected by the El Nino phenomenon. It is rainy in the south. Even in some countries, there are droughts and no grain harvest. All these are the results of El Nino. Scientists believe that El Nino has a lot to do with the rise of global temperature.

With the continuous progress of human industrial civilization, in order to make life more convenient, human beings have to emit a lot of greenhouse gases, which causes the rise of global temperature. The temperature of the ocean is increasing year by year. It can be said that if human beings do not regulate their own behavior, extreme weather will certainly emerge in endlessly, affecting human survival. What do you think of this situation? Welcome to comment area message exchange discussion.

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