The Pacific Garbage belt has reached 1.6 million square kilometers, becoming the Seventh Continent in the world and the chief culprit of Japan

When it comes to plastic bags, it can be said that people love and hate each other. Love is because plastic bags are very cheap and durable. It’s very convenient to take out garbage or put things in daily life. So almost every household in the country uses plastic bags, but why do people hate plastic bags? Because plastic bags are very difficult to decompose, if they decompose naturally, it will take at least several hundred years, and they can’t be burned, which makes plastic waste a problem in our garbage disposal. For convenience, some garbage disposal personnel directly pour into the river, and then with the flow of the river, all the garbage is transferred to the Pacific Ocean. Now the plastic garbage in the Pacific Ocean has become a serious problem all over the world.

It is reported that the area of plastic waste in the Pacific Ocean has reached 1.6 million square meters. What level is this? Britain’s land area is 240000 square kilometers, and the area of plastic waste is now seven times that of Britain. Maybe a lot of people don’t think so. What does the Pacific Ocean have to do with me? Let the garbage bag float on the Pacific Ocean. It’s a big mistake. First of all, the damage caused by plastic bags floating in the Pacific Ocean to the creatures in the Pacific Ocean is very huge.

First of all, plastic bags will be broken in the floating of the ocean, and micro plastic objects less than 5mm will be produced. For such micro plastic objects, organisms can hardly see, which leads to many marine organisms swallowing micro plastic objects. This will lead to marine life problems, the entire ecological environment will be destroyed. In fact, we humans are the biggest victims, because we are the top of the food chain. These sea fish will be eaten by us in the end. Maybe we will only eat plastic in the end.

The issue of the Pacific Ocean has attracted the attention of the United Nations. The United Nations also issued a statement calling on the world to carry out an environmental and ecological protection. Protecting the environment means protecting itself. Japan is the main culprit for the spread of garbage in the Pacific Ocean. According to the survey, three out of every 10 plastic bags in the Pacific Ocean belong to Japan. In addition, the Japanese tsunami on the spot also caused a large amount of garbage and plastic bags from Japan to flow into the Pacific Ocean, forming today’s huge Pacific Garbage belt. For this kind of garbage pollution, we should really draw global attention. Now the garbage area in the Pacific Ocean is equal to the land area of India. If we do not pay attention to it, the future of the Pacific Ocean will be filled with plastic bags.

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