The paper diapers that American astronauts left on the moon 50 years ago are now priceless and snatched back

“It’s a small step for me, but it’s a big step for all mankind.” compared with everyone’s deep impression on this sentence.

Yes, that’s what astronaut Amsterdam said six hours after landing on the moon.

In 1969, Apollo 11 carried three astronauts (commander Armstrong, command module pilot Michael Collins and lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin) to complete the first human lunar mission in history. This is a brilliant achievement in human history.

We know that Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin have carried out a series of scientific research on the moon during the 2 hours and 30 minutes of lunar activity.

We are familiar with the above plots, but what we don’t know is that Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin abandoned used diapers, boots, vomit bags, feces collectors and other items in order to save fuel and reduce the burden when they boarded the re-entry module.

We know that only in a specific environment can life be born and survive. The environment of the moon is very different from that of the earth. Scientists speculate that the moon has no atmosphere, ocean and magnetic field, so it is extremely difficult for life to survive on the moon.

Although life can’t be born on the moon, can the living things on earth survive if they are brought into space?

To this end, people began to explore the research. In 2014, the European space agency took more than 200 kinds of microorganisms into space, and found that some of them survived and could reproduce as well as on earth.

Later, scientists tried to take the seeds of some plants into space to test whether they could survive. Later, these studies achieved fruitful results, and even opened up a new way of breeding space breeding.

As a result, people began to think about the “garbage” abandoned in space. After these years of “mutation”, the identity has been greatly reversed and become priceless.

It is said that these astronaut lunar landing supplies are sold on major websites around the world. For example, the urinal used by astronauts has been photographed as high as 200000 US dollars, which is much more valuable than antiques.

Xiao Bian thinks that this is a big business opportunity, and we can’t miss it. Not to mention the Americans.

Therefore, American scientists strongly proposed that we should go to the moon again as soon as possible to get these “treasures” back, for fear that other countries will “snatch” them.

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