The past and present life I saw on the road of the yellow spring

After the gate of death, it is huangquan road

I don’t know how long the road is

But the wails and screams of ghosts

I don’t have the courage to go on

They’re ghosts who don’t die normally

Neither heaven nor reincarnation

Of course, we can’t go to the underworld, we can only wander in the long road of the yellow spring

The gate of death

Far away from home

The other side of the sea

Grief overflows

The other shore flower is also called manzhushahua

It’s by the river of santu and by the road of huangquan

There are no leaves when they bloom and no flowers when they open

Flowers and leaves will never meet from generation to generation

And my memory was aroused

I don’t know how to drink a bowl of Mengpo soup

Santu River, also known as the forgetting river

Go straight along the river

Along the huangquan Road, facing the flowers on the other side

This is Naihe bridge

Meng Po asked me:

Either drink it or jump into the Mitu river

Feel the cold of the river for 300 years

My past and present life is clear

At Naihe bridge, on Sansheng stone

I’ve spent my whole life here

But I’m not willing to

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