The Phoenix? Shanxi uncle meets strange birds in the mountains, the prototype in Shanhaijing?

In Chinese culture, there are many sacred animals with different meanings. The dragon is a symbol of auspiciousness, while the Phoenix represents auspiciousness. The ancients regarded Phoenix as one of the four sacred beasts, which shows the high status of Phoenix in the hearts of Chinese people. Phoenix first appeared in the book of mountains and seas. There are many rare animals in the book of mountains and seas. The early Phoenix is more like a chicken. It is engraved with colorful words. If someone is lucky to see the Phoenix, it means good luck and peace.

Since ancient times, the legend of the Phoenix has been shrouded in mystery. Many people think that although the Phoenix is invisible to mortals, some people think that the Phoenix is real. In 2015, such a strange thing happened. At that time, an old man in Shanxi found a strange bird in the mountain, but he thought that the strange bird he found was the legendary one Phoenix, what’s the matter?

Phoenix in reality?

Guo cunsuo is a 60 year old man. His daily work is herding sheep and farming, and he goes up the mountain to collect herbs from time to time to maintain three meals a day. This ordinary life was broken in 2015. That day, he was going up the mountain to collect herbs when he met a strange bird. At that time, he was looking around on the mountain and was attracted by a bright color. He walked slowly and found a very beautiful bird in front of him. The bird’s hair was colorful, mainly gold and red. It looked very noble. At that time, he exclaimed in his heart that this might be the legendary Golden Phoenix! He had never seen such a phenomenon. Maybe he was too happy. The bird felt his presence and flew away immediately. When Guo cunsuo went back the next day, he saw the Golden Phoenix again, and a companion appeared beside him.

Since then, Guo cunsuo has stopped herding sheep and farming land. Every day he goes to the mountain to feed the Golden Phoenix. In this way, Guo cunsuo watched Jin Fenghuang eat every day and became a “bird keeper” to the letter. In this way, Jin Fenghuang was no longer afraid of the elderly. After five years, the number of Jin Fenghuang flying from all directions changed from two to 50.

Phoenix’s true identity

After seeing Guo cunsuo’s behavior, the villagers thought that he was not doing his job. What’s the point of feeding these birds every day? You can’t bring yourself money. But Guo cunsuo didn’t pay attention to the gossip of the villagers and continued to feed the chicken and Phoenix every day. Until one day, a photographer came to the mountain and saw the legendary Golden Phoenix. He took the photos and asked the experts to know the true identity of the birds.

Scientists say that these birds are actually red bellied Caragana, which is a key protected animal of the state. Many people think that red bellied Caragana is actually the prototype of Phoenix in Shanhaijing. Since then, many photographers have come to this mountain to take photos. Guo cunsuo saw the business opportunities and set up a farmhouse to provide accommodation for tourists and photographers. Therefore, many people think that maybe the rare and exotic animals recorded in the book of mountains and seas are not imaginary. Maybe there are prototypes of these creatures growing in some places. I don’t know what you think of them?

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