The plane that disappeared in Bermuda during World War II went to the moon? The truth is beyond your imagination

There are many mysterious places on the earth, the most mysterious of which is the Bermuda Triangle in the Pacific Ocean. All ships and planes passing through this area will disappear inexplicably. In the past 100 years, hundreds of flying ships and ships have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. Later, people called this area “the grinding ghost triangle” and “the black hole of the earth”.

On December 5, 1945, five grumen bombers of the US Navy Air Force 19 bomber brigade, still carrying the smoke of World War II, took off from Fort fenderdale base in Florida and flew to the Atlantic Ocean for cruising. When the plane entered the triangle composed of Bermuda, Bordeaux Valley and Miami, the five planes disappeared without any sign. The people on the plane disappeared from the earth one after another.

The collective disappearance of the plane made the United States pay more attention to Bermuda, and also carried out a series of investigations, but nothing was gained. Later, the area was set as a restricted area to prohibit aircraft and ships from passing through.

Scientists have different opinions on why mysterious events occur frequently in the Bermuda Triangle. Some say that this area is a strong magnetic field area, and all planes, ships and electronic equipment will fail or crash. But it can’t explain the disappearance. Even if it sank, it should be able to find the wreckage. There is also a bold assumption put forward by science: the Bermuda Triangle is a space-time region, where there is a space-time tunnel, through which the aircraft and ships are actually transported to an unknown area.

Many people don’t believe in space-time tunnels. But with the continuous progress of space exploration technology and the continuous improvement of astronomical telescopes, some people accidentally found a World War II Fighter near Mars. What’s the matter? Not to mention, a probe found a World War II fighter in a crater on the back of the moon,

What’s going on? How did the planes disappeared during World War II get to Mars and the moon? Is there really a space-time tunnel? At this time, the scientific community is also a sensation. Space time tunnel exists in theory, but it is difficult to realize. Einstein’s theory of relativity also proves that space-time can be distorted. Space time tunnel is equivalent to a door connecting two places, through which you can reach another place instantly.

We know that the distance in the universe is calculated by light years. If you travel by light gauge, even if you reach the speed of light, it is impossible for you to explore the universe in depth. In the case of light speed flight, you can only explore about 10% of the universe. You can’t go to most areas. It takes too long. However, if there is a time-space tunnel, it will be different. The two tunnels are separated by tens of light years, or even hundreds of light years. We only need to create a time-space tunnel, which can be reached instantly through the past. This is the dream of scientists. If the man-made space-time tunnel is realized, it will be of great significance to the exploration of the universe.

The time-space tunnel is called wormhole by scientists, and there is likely to be a wormhole in this area of Bermuda Triangle. Whether the wormhole is natural or built by aliens, it tells us that the wormhole really exists. But it’s too far away for human beings, but scientists have not given up hope. Although we can’t build wormholes, we can look for natural wormholes. There must be many natural wormholes in the universe. If we find these wormholes, we can reach the depths of the universe through wormholes, or even cross the distance of a galaxy.

The UFOs found in the solar system and the earth may have come through the natural wormholes in the universe, but how to find wormholes in the universe is still a blank for human beings. After all, we don’t understand wormholes at all. Only when we understand some of its conceptual theories can we make wormhole detectors. We believe that this goal will be achieved one day in the future.

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