The prehistoric life of 57000 years ago, followed by the prehistoric “epidemic ghost”

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The earth is an ancient blue planet, which breeds rich and diverse ecological resources. Now, with the passage of time, earth shaking changes have taken place on the earth, and many species are gradually going extinct. For example, in ancient times, dinosaurs dominated the world. At that time, before human beings appeared, the ancestors of living creatures had quietly multiplied in this land. Many species in ancient times are like meteors, fleeting, submerged in the long river of history, leaving no trace.

Scientists found 57000 year old frozen bodies of wolf cubs

In the distant history, human beings have created a new history with their own intelligence, and biological fossils have become an important tool for human beings to explore history. In the permafrost of the Arctic Circle, someone accidentally found a frozen body of an ancient wolf cub. According to the shape of the cub, its body length is about 30 cm, and its weight is about 1.3 Jin. It should be only about 6 weeks to 8 weeks. According to the well preserved reproductive organs, scientists judged that it is a female cub.

It can be said that it is the most complete wolf mummy found so far, but the only drawback is that it only missed one eye. Through the analysis of relevant tests, the scientists determined that this young wolf may have been frozen for as long as 57000 years. At that time, most of the northern hemisphere was covered by ice sheets, while the southern hemisphere was less affected. After the end of the earth’s last ice age, human beings entered the Neolithic age. So what is the origin of this ancient wolf cub?

In order to reveal the real identity of a creature, gene is the best way to detect it. According to the genetic analysis of the well preserved frozen corpse of the ancient wolf cub, scientists judge that it is the descendant of the ancient wolf, but at the same time it is also the ancestor of the modern wolf. Through DNA comparison with modern wolves, the scientists found that the characteristics of this ancient wolf cub are particularly similar to the gray wolf in Eurasia and the white wolf in Alaska. After further research, the scientists believe that this is an ancient wolf in the Yukon area.

The picture shows the frozen body of an ancient wolf cub

How did the cub die?

1. Scientific research proves that it is not “starvation”

Some netizens speculated: “since this ancient wolf cub was found in the cold Arctic, it should have died of starvation due to the influence of the environment.” However, this is not the case. We all know that wolves are gregarious animals. It is understandable that such a small wolf cub died alone and its parents were not around. However, the results of scientific research have overturned this conjecture. After analyzing the teeth of the ancient wolf cub, scientists believe that it is a newly weaned cub that can eat “complementary food” and pass the scientific examination in the well preserved gastrointestinal organs The scientists confirmed that the wolf cub had eaten food before it died, not starved to death.

2. The cave collapsed and was buried alive to death

If the cub didn’t starve to death, how did it die? Scientists have made a bold guess that it is possible that the cub stayed alone in the cave while his parents went out looking for food, and then the cave collapsed and was buried alive to death. In this way, this ancient wolf cub was permanently sealed in the frozen soil, and finally through human intervention, it was able to see the sun again.

Ancient wolf cubs have been found that melting frozen soil will do more harm than good

Is the discovery of this ancient wolf cub good or bad for humans? Some people say that it must be a good thing to help human beings explore the evolutionary history of wolves; others say that it is a bad thing to let the ancient wolf cubs see the sun again only when the frozen soil melts, which is a warning signal for human beings from global warming. Personally, the discovery of the wolf cub is a disaster after the frozen soil melts.

Global warming is a natural phenomenon. Due to the continuous accumulation of greenhouse effect, the temperature rises, resulting in global warming. Sea level rises, a large number of glaciers melt and drive to the sea. Many coastal areas will be submerged due to sea level rise, and large areas of land appear marsh. Global warming not only destroys the biological chain and food chain, but also brings more serious consequences. According to foreign media reports, on August 6, the last complete Arctic ice shelf in Canada collapsed, and 40% of its area disappeared in just two days. Scientists say this is the only existing ice shelf that has been damaged.

In addition, due to global warming, migratory birds have changed a lot. There is a kind of migratory bird in nature, which likes to stay in Northeast China in summer and fly to Australia in winter. However, since the global warming, the winter temperature in Northeast China has gradually increased, the summer has extended, and the time for migratory birds to leave and return to Northeast China has also changed. Due to the change of ecological habits of migratory birds, the pests they eat are also rampant, and the migratory birds miss the opportunity of predation. This pest is wantonly destroying the farmers and forests, which is a vicious circle caused by global warming.

The most affected area is the Arctic, where the climate is cold and frozen soil blocks a large amount of methane. With the increasing global warming, these harmful gases may be released in large quantities. The cryosphere is the most sensitive. Climate warming will make the cryosphere have a strong feedback effect. For example, there are rich elements in the Arctic cryosphere. Once the cryosphere is affected by global warming, these toxic substances will break through the soil and flow out of the cryosphere. Once they infiltrate into the ocean, they will continue to spread through the food chain, and the consequences to human beings are immeasurable Yes. However, scientists are most worried about the ancient virus in frozen soil. With global warming and melting of frozen soil, the ancient virus will gradually recover and bring more darkness to human beings.

The recovery of the ancient virus in frozen soil, the reappearance of “epidemic ghost”, and the disastrous consequences are immeasurable

If this ancient wolf cub can be found in the frozen soil, there will be a steady stream of ancient creatures coming back from the frozen soil, including the human remains – “epidemic ghost” who died of smallpox more than 300 years ago. Many large-scale plagues are often accompanied by natural disasters and war disasters. War disasters bring exhaustion, devastation and death everywhere for human beings. Due to the low level of productivity, ancient people called the culprit of plague “epidemic ghost”. Today, climate warming is melting permafrost, which has been frozen for many years. They will release dormant ancient viruses and bacteria, and these viruses and bacteria are coming back to life.

The picture shows the plague of the West in the middle ages

1. Frozen soil melts, “anthrax” epidemic ghost reappears

On the Yamal peninsula in the Arctic Circle, a 12-year-old boy died of anthrax, which has infected dozens of people in hospital. So, in the sparsely populated Peninsula, where does this virus come from? According to the research of scientists, the original outbreak of anthrax came from a reindeer that died 75 years ago. At that time, the reindeer was infected with anthrax virus, and the Reindeer’s body was completely preserved in “frozen soil”. Until 2016, global warming intensified, the frozen soil melted, the Reindeer’s body was exposed again, and anthrax virus woke up from deep sleep Through the spread of the food chain, human beings have been infected one after another.

The picture shows the spores of Bacillus anthracis

2. Smallpox revives from frozen soil

Frozen soil is the most ideal place to preserve bacteria. Once frozen soil melts, a steady stream of bacteria will come. What we humans fear most is what lurks under the frozen soil? Due to the limited science and technology, we can’t predict what kind of viruses are buried in the frozen soil in advance. After the corpses of animals and ancient humans are gradually found, the viruses and bacteria released from the frozen soil will help us find out the final answer.

For example, in the 19th century, a serious smallpox plague occurred in Siberia. In a small town, nearly 50% of the population lost their lives. Their bodies were buried in the upper layer of the permafrost near the riverside of the town. Nearly 100 years later, the flood rose and eroded the riverside, and the frozen soil melted. In the early 1990s, Russian biologists found a human corpse in this small town in Siberia. Scientific and technological tests confirmed that it was a human remains from the stone age. In addition, scientists detected smallpox virus in the corpse samples. We should know that smallpox once caused “the biggest genocide in human history”. At the end of the 15th century, when Europeans who had experienced several plagues set foot on the American continent, there were less than one million indigenous people who were originally more than 30 million under the influence of smallpox. Russian scientists have confirmed that bacteria can recover their vitality after the frozen soil melts.

The picture shows smallpox virus

3. The ancient amoeba broke through the ground and emerged with strong infectivity

What scientists are worried about has emerged one after another. Before that, scientists found an ancient deformable insect in the frozen soil of Siberia, and detected an ancient virus in the insect’s body – kukoujarovirus. Its survival time is just when the prehistoric Neanderthals were extinct. The virus was trapped in the frozen soil layer more than 30000 years ago and is still alive and infectious.

Once a science fiction film “thaw” incisively and vividly showed a series of disaster consequences brought about by global warming and the melting of frozen soil. Some animal corpses were constantly exposed from the frozen soil. With the melting of the soil, the parasites, bacteria and viruses in the corpses were gradually revived. Polar bears were infected and died one after another, and even the scientific research team stationed in the Arctic were also affected It’s dyed. Although this is a science fiction film, it reminds us that frozen soil melting can happen anytime and anywhere. The sweeping of ancient viruses is also something we will face in the next few decades or hundreds of years. All the disastrous consequences now are natural gifts to human beings.

There is an old Chinese saying: “don’t do to others what you don’t want to do to yourself”. While we are pursuing rapid economic development and industrial change, we forget to protect the blue earth that breeds life. I hope you can have some feelings here, protect the ecological environment, protect the green mountains and waters, and benefit future generations.

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