The price of IOS 13 + 512gb has been reduced by 5000 yuan, but is it really worth starting?

The iPhone released by apple every year attracts the attention of countless consumers. The main reason is that the iPhone is superior to Android in many aspects. The performance of iPhone in all aspects is really very strong, but also because the positioning of iPhone is too high-end, and the pricing is much more expensive than Android, so it makes many consumers feel optimistic Some are hard to accept.

For example, when the iPhone XS Max was released in 2018, the price of the 512gb version reached 12799 yuan. This price is definitely unacceptable for most ordinary consumers. After all, they have long been used to the price of 5000 or 6000 yuan for domestic mobile phones, so they feel like the iPhone XS The price of Max’s mobile phone is a little too high.

iPhone XS Max is the most high-end model released by apple in 2018, but now, it can be regarded as the biggest diving iPhone, because now, the price of the same 512gb version has dropped by 5000 yuan, that is to say, from the beginning to 12799 yuan, now it has dropped to 7799 yuan. Many people didn’t expect the IPH with high value preservation rate One mobile phone, today just a little more than a year ago, has such a big drop.

Although the price reduction is indeed very large, in fact, the price of 7799 yuan is still beyond the range that most ordinary consumers can accept. That is to say, a large price reduction does not mean a large price performance improvement. After all, the iPhone XS Max is equipped with apple A12 processor, and now the latest is A13 processor. There is a big performance gap between the two.

Now, the biggest advantage of the iPhone XS max, which costs 7799 yuan, seems to be the 512gb memory space. After all, the 64GB version of the iPhone 11pro now costs 8699 yuan, while the 512gb version costs 11799 yuan.

Therefore, if you care about the memory space of the mobile phone, it is more appropriate to choose the iPhone XS max. however, if you care about the performance of the mobile phone, the iPhone XS Max is far inferior to the iPhone 11. But in fact, the apple A12 processor on the iPhone XS Max is also very powerful, at least when running some large mobile games, there is no pressure, and this phone can also be updated to the latest IOS 13 system, so the fluency can also be guaranteed, so do you think the iPhone x at this stage is worth starting?

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