The principle is very simple, you can also make it!

When it comes to the ever-burning lamp, some people should still have the impression that this custom has disappeared in many big cities, but in today’s rural areas, if a relative dies, they should still be able to see such an ever-burning lamp. This was the first time I heard about the lamp. At that time, I heard from my family that the lamp could be kept bright all the time to point out the direction for the deceased. Of course, in Xiaobian’s eyes at that time, it was just a custom. It wasn’t until I saw this thing in a novel about tomb robbery for the first time that I really took an interest in it.

It is said that the ever burning lamp can last for thousands of years, but it needs to use the body of the South China Sea Shark to make lamp oil, because it is said that the body of the shark is rich in oil, and of course the price is comparable to that of gold, but it is said that no matter how expensive it is, it is also standard in ancient tombs of princes and generals. In 1610, the tomb of an alchemist was dug up by later generations, and people found such a lamp. In fact, in ancient times, the lamp was widely used, but how can we ensure that the lamp is always bright?

Before that, it was always a mystery, until later, with the development of science and technology, people gradually solved the mystery. First of all, let’s think about it in a different way. All the people who found the Changming lamp found that the Changming lamp was burning when they saw the light again in the tomb. Is it possible that the Changming lamp didn’t “Changming”, but revived when someone opened the tomb?

The reason why the ever burning lamp is a mystery is that the tombs sealed underground for a long time will lack oxygen or no oxygen because of oxidation and other factors. We all know that oxygen is a necessary condition for combustion, so the ever burning lamp is likely to go out after the oxygen in the tombs is consumed. According to Xiao Bian’s conjecture, the Changming lamp goes out because there is no oxygen. When the door of the tomb is opened, oxygen will enter. Will it rekindle at this time?

Yes, but it needs a chemical, white phosphorus. White phosphorus is a very easy to burn material with low ignition point. If white phosphorus is exposed to the air and in contact with oxygen, it is easy to burn directly (so white phosphorus in the laboratory should be stored in the liquid for sealing). If we add white phosphorus into the wick, the oxygen will be exhausted and white phosphorus will go out when we are just buried. After a thousand years, someone will open the tomb and enter the oxygen chamber Is it reasonable to see gas and white phosphorus rekindling?

From this point of view, is it very simple for the lamp to be “ever bright”? Although it seems very simple now, it’s still amazing to be able to create such things in the ancient times when technology was not developed. Now we can do such small experiments at home, but white phosphorus must be carefully preserved!

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