The prison is known as “men’s paradise”. Female prisoners are as beautiful as models, and their private life is totally unrestricted

The prison is known as a “paradise for men.”. Female prisoners can be compared with models in terms of skin color, and their private lives are not “restricted”!

“Without rules, there will be no countryside.”. This is a common saying that has been used for a long time. This is also an invisible way for people to get along with each other. It is also the main protective membrane for peaceful coexistence.

Therefore, in this mixed society, the reward and punishment system of human rights has been developed, and people regret their mistakes. These places are often called “prisons”. As we all know, prisons give people a sense of being overcast, as if they belong to areas that ordinary people cannot enter, and are the shackles of every citizen in society.

Everyone will be afraid, their words and deeds are well controlled. But there are always people who inadvertently make mistakes, and the prison becomes their second home. It also means facing a gloomy life from now on, because prison feels the same way.

However, there is a very special prison abroad, which has the highest value female prisoners in the world. This prison is the famous lamla prison. Located in Israel, it is a women’s prison known as “beautiful prison”. There are female prisoners from all over the world. Each female prisoner can match a model in color, shape and appearance. It is also known as “man’s paradise”.

Not only that, the prison management system is also very unique. Not everyone has the opportunity to go to RAMLA prison, which requires certain audit conditions. Is that curious?

The high color value of lamla prison is mainly due to its admission examination system. It is said that the prison has established a standard system to check the value of a person’s face. All female prisoners who come to RAMLA prison to serve their sentences must go through strict screening before entering the prison.

If their figure and irrelevant appearance do not meet the standards of a model, they are not eligible to be elected to RAMLA prison. This shows that this kind of supervision system is still unheard of.

Moreover, the management of female prisoners in the prison is also very strange. The private life of female prisoners in RAMLA prison is completely unrestricted. There are many places of entertainment in the prison, and anyone can have outdoor activities at any time.

There is a fashion show for female prisoners every year. Its main purpose is to improve the research on female prisoners in prison and provide some material guarantee for their release from prison in the future. Because in prison, the female prisoners in RAMLA prison make money in a special way.

The private life of female prisoners in RAMLA prison is unrestricted, and they can also participate in the model competition. Selected female prisoners can also sign contracts with companies. Many people lament the way they make money.

Some people even think that the unique control method of RAMLA prison deserves the praise of people all over the world. However, the reality is always puzzling, because in this prison, many female prisoners report pregnancy every year, but the truth is not known.

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