The probe discovered an ancient river system on Mars, which may have been a living planet a long time ago

The earth is a living planet, one of the eight planets in the solar system, and human beings are the only intelligent life on this planet. If a planet wants to become a living planet like the earth, it needs to meet many conditions. The most basic condition is to be in a habitable zone, with a thick atmosphere and a magnetic field.

As long as there is a planet in the universe that meets these three basic conditions, there is a great possibility that there will be life, even intelligent life, on this planet. Therefore, after human beings go out of the earth, they are based on these three basic conditions to explore extraterrestrial life. There are eight planets in the solar system and three in the habitable zone. Besides the earth, there are Venus and Mars.

However, although Venus has a thick atmosphere, it is mainly composed of carbon dioxide with a depth of more than 90%. As we all know, carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas. The higher its concentration is, the higher the temperature on the surface of the planet will be. Therefore, the temperature on the surface of Venus is as high as 400 degrees Celsius, and Venus also forms a layer of acid rain, which often causes acid rain and aggravates the ring of Venus The severity of the situation.

Mars is a planet on the edge of the habitable zone. It also has an atmosphere, but it is very thin. Compared with the environment of Venus, the environment of Mars is much better. Therefore, scientists have put the main goal of exploring extraterrestrial life on Mars. Over the past decades, many probes have been launched to Mars, and exploring Martian life is one of the most important tasks.

Through the probe, scientists saw a cold and desolate Mars. The surface of Mars was covered by sand, and no life was found. Does that mean there is no life on Mars? Scientists have not given up the exploration of life on Mars. If they want to explore the possibility of life on Mars, they must find some conditions for the birth of life on Mars, such as water and organic matter.

So is there water on Mars? Through some explorations, scientists have found water ice in the north and south poles of Mars. Through the photos taken by the probe, we can see that the white ice sheets in the north and south poles of Mars are very conspicuous. This is the direct evidence of the existence of water ice on Mars. Moreover, looking at the scale, there is still a lot of water ice.

Does the existence of water ice in the north and south poles of Mars mean that Mars was also a planet with a lot of liquid water long ago? If there was a lot of liquid water on Mars a long time ago, the water would leave some traces on Mars in the long flowing. At the end of February 2019, the Independent reported that the European Space Agency (ESA) “Mars Express” spacecraft captured an ancient valley system with many tributaries on the surface of Mars, indicating that there were probably rivers on Mars before.

The images taken by Mars Express show that this valley on Mars is very similar to the dry valley on earth. It is speculated that there was a considerable amount of water flowing through it before. This is the valley trace found on the surface of Mars by the orbiter. During the Mars premise exploration, the curiosity Rover also photographed many geomorphic traces that are suspected to have been washed by a large number of rivers.

All kinds of signs indicate that Mars may have been a blue planet with a lot of liquid water and a thick atmosphere, just like the earth a long time ago. If Mars had a thick atmosphere and a lot of water resources a long time ago, it means that Mars probably had a strong magnetic field, otherwise it would not be able to restrain the loss of atmosphere and water.

If so, Mars might have been a planet of life a long time ago. But I don’t know what happened later, which caused the disappearance of Martian magnetic field. Without the protection of magnetic field, the dense atmosphere became thinner and thinner under the solar wind, and the liquid water on the surface was also continuously evaporated. The Martian climate became drier and drier, and gradually became such a desert planet. There is no trace of life on the surface.

Why does Martian magnetic field disappear? Scientists speculate that it may be related to the poor position of Mars. As we all know, there is an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, where there are no less than 100000 asteroids of various types. There is an asteroid belt in front of my home, so the probability of being hit by an asteroid will be much higher.

It is possible that a long time ago, the blue Mars was hit by a huge asteroid, which directly destroyed the internal circulation system of Mars and led to the disappearance of the magnetic field. Of course, this is just a guess of scientists. More evidence is needed in the future.

Although we can’t find any life on the surface of Mars now, will there be some anaerobic life under the surface of Mars? You know, a life planet not only has life on the surface, but also has complex life systems under the surface, such as our earth. Underground life systems are richer than the surface.

If life ever appeared on Mars, then the life on the surface of Mars will continue to be extinct due to the disappearance of the magnetic field, but some underground life with tenacious vitality may survive and multiply underground all the time. To explore the secrets beneath the surface of Mars. Scientists launched the insight lander last year and successfully landed on Mars, carrying a powerful drill that can drill about 5 meters below the surface of Mars.

If there is liquid water or life below the surface of Mars, there may be major discoveries. There is no doubt that there is water on Mars. Now scientists just can’t determine whether there is a huge water resource system under the surface of Mars. If there are still a lot of liquid water resources under the surface of Mars, it will be of great significance for human beings to transform Mars and migrate to Mars in the future.

The survival of mankind depends on water, and the successful transformation of Mars also depends on rich water resources. With a large amount of liquid water, we can plant some plants on Mars, and gradually improve the environment on the surface of Mars. After establishing a base on Mars in the future, mankind will not have to worry about water resources. Now scientists have learned a lot about the surface of Mars.

In the near future, human beings will land on Mars and set up bases on Mars. At that time, the secrets of Mars will be solved one by one. It is believed that the plan of human migration to Mars will not be too far away. We are looking forward to this day.

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