The probe found the “replica earth”! Or there’s a super civilization, and humans are just experiments

For hundreds of millions of years, the earth is the only planet that we know that breeds life, and it has always existed in a dynamic attitude. In the process of exploring nature and developing our own civilization, human beings regard themselves as primates. Human society is developing continuously, but scientists believe that the earth is dying.

Although the earth is only a “middle-aged” planet, its resources have entered the “old age”. If the status quo is not changed in time, mankind is likely to face unprecedented crisis. So people try to use advanced technology to find a habitable planet for space migration.

The universe is very mysterious. There are countless planets in the universe, and the earth is the only living planet in the solar system. Therefore, scientists speculate that there may be other living planets in the vast universe. Scientists have been exploring the cosmic civilization, but they have never found any sign of alien civilization.

Although scientists insist on exploring, they still found a “large earth”. Its environment is very similar to the earth. It was born 500 million years earlier than the earth, and it also contains liquid water and oxygen. Therefore, scientists speculate that this planet may also produce life.

The planet was named lhs1140b by scientists. According to scientists’ discovery, the “big earth” is 39 light-years away from the earth. Because it is located in the habitable zone, it also has water and oxygen, and the temperature is very suitable for the birth of life, so scientists speculate that it has an alien civilization, but some scientists think that the planet may have advanced life.

The researchers found that the planet revolves around a nearby star, with a mass about seven times that of the earth. The main component of the planet is probably rock, which is more suitable for life than fluffy gas planets. Because of its huge size, it also means that it has abundant resources. Some scientists believe that in the future, humans may migrate here, or develop the resources on the planet to alleviate the shortage of resources on the planet.

However, scientists are deeply worried about this, because this planet was born earlier than the earth, there may have been alien civilization, and if humans go to this planet again, it will undoubtedly be a trap. However, some people think that maybe the high civilization on this planet has been monitoring human beings, and human beings are only low civilization to them.

Therefore, some people think that human beings may also be just experimental objects. If human beings explore lhs1140b in depth, then advanced civilization will most likely threaten human survival. Although human beings have not yet discovered alien civilizations, we can not deny that they do not exist. So, what do you think of this problem? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

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