The prophecy in Tesla’s manuscript has come true! Is the solar system made by “super alien civilization”?

In the history of mankind, there are many scientists who can be regarded as great leaders, such as Darwin who overturned the creationism, Einstein who overturned the concept of time and space, Newton who established the mechanical system, and so on.

In fact, in addition to the above scientists who are well known to all, there is another scientist whose contribution to the whole mankind can not be ignored. He is Nicholas Tesla, who has more than 1000 invention patents in his life and is often at the center of controversy on the Internet.

Based on the electromagnetic field theory discovered by Michael Faraday, Tesla has many revolutionary inventions in the field of electromagnetic field. Many of his related patents and theoretical research work in electromagnetics are the cornerstone of modern wireless communication and radio. So in some people’s hearts, they worship him as if he were a God.

Friends who have a detailed understanding of Nikolay Tesla may know that Tesla has a very rare ability. All his calculations and deduction can be completed in his own brain without manuscript.

Of course, even though Nicholas Tesla’s deduction and calculation don’t need manuscript paper, some slightly fleeting inspirations still need to be recorded in manuscripts and notes, so his study and laboratory are full of these manuscripts.

Some people say that since he was 17 years old, his brain has been immersed in all kinds of strange creative fantasies. In his famous Tesla diary, he recorded many views about the universe and the solar system.

After Tesla’s death, the amazing contents in his manuscripts began to be known to the world, such as the dead light weapons that can subvert modern wars, the anti gravity aircraft that only appear in science fiction movies, and so on.

Maybe these things look like science fiction, but in fact, these are not the most shocking records in the manuscript. Because he also thinks that the solar system is “man-made”, or unnatural products, and there is a layer of “eggshell” outside to protect the interior of the solar system, in order to do “captive experiments”.

Tesla believes that at a distance of 20 billion kilometers from the sun, all matter will be blocked, and the speed will decrease rapidly. This is because there is a solar system protective cover, which can not only prevent the internal matter of the solar system from flying out of the solar system, but also prevent the extrasolar objects with too large diameter from rushing in, and protect the solar system as a whole.

Because the space technology was not developed at that time, people did not have the ability to verify this statement at all, so this appalling statement did not cause great waves and was gradually forgotten by people.

In 1977, after nearly 20 years of exploration of the universe, scientists began to realize that the universe will be the future of mankind. Therefore, in order to have a clearer understanding of the solar system and to find “companions” in the universe, NASA launched Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 probes.

In 2012, Voyager 1 finally arrived at the edge of the solar system, and sent back a lot of valuable research data, which also confirmed several conjectures of nearly 100 years. Among them are the Kuiper belt and the solar wind layer, the outer protective cover of the solar system.

According to the data sent back by Voyager 1, scientists found that the edge of the protective cover is a magnetic gas bubble. The sun “blows” plasma to create and maintain the bubble, which is used to resist the invasion of external materials in the solar system. It can be said that if it was not for the existence of this protective cover, the inner solar system could not be so calm, so that the earth has enough time to nurture complex materials My life.

When the matter outside the solar system flies to the solar system, there is a great probability that it will be changed by this mysterious force and go away from the solar system.

If the other part is not changed, the flying object will suddenly slow down, decelerate and be destroyed by a mysterious force after reaching this node.

Voyager 1’s discovery proves Tesla’s conjecture, but strictly speaking, it only proves half of it. Is it really possible for Tesla’s other half to say that the solar system is “man-made” or unnatural?

Of course, it’s impossible to create a huge stellar system based on our current capabilities. So the man-made here should actually refer to the advanced super alien civilization. In the civilization level division of the universe, super alien civilization has the ability to control the whole universe, so their design of a solar system is as simple as joking.

In other words, their motivation for designing the solar system is very simple. They just think it’s fun. They don’t need special reasons at all.

When it comes to super alien civilization, we have to mention a famous theory – Fermi paradox.

After decades of discussion, Fermi paradox has been explained by nearly a thousand hypotheses. Among these hypotheses, laboratory theory is the most convincing, and at the same time, it is also the most consistent with the logic of human thinking.

The hypothesis holds that the reason why the universe observed by human beings is dead is that the space or the whole solar system in which human beings live has long been controlled by higher civilization. Like humans studying mice, they observe human reproduction behind their backs.

So once this hypothesis is true, then the other half of Tesla’s conjecture is naturally correct.

The solar system is indeed man-made and unnatural. And the outer protective cover of the solar system may be the fence of the laboratory. Is that really scary?

What’s more disturbing is that it’s impossible to falsify this conjecture in terms of human’s current ability, which means that there may be a pair of eyes in the seemingly silent universe to observe the development of human beings.

Then, the existence of super alien civilization was also a topic that people had been discussing with no result at that time. If you say it doesn’t exist, there will be many events that they appear every year. If you say it doesn’t exist, how can we explain the occurrence of these events?

It can’t be made by the earth! What’s more, humans don’t have this technology. Just like the three UFO images released by the United States before, as the United States also admits that they don’t have this technology, it can only be extraterrestrial civilization. In a word, human beings cannot exist alone in the universe.

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