The protection of the sun god, the curse of the Pharaoh, can the Millennium prophecy come true?

China, ancient India, ancient Babylon and ancient Egypt are known as the four ancient civilizations. There are many ancient myths in these four mysterious countries, which contain the origin of the national totem, the secret of the clan treasure and the good hope of the people. Today, what Xiaobian shares with you is the prophecy event in ancient Egypt, which was blessed by the sun god and used the “Curse” to protect the body of the Pharaoh.

The most striking thing about Egypt is the pyramids. Because the ancient Egyptians believed that the more delicate and tall the pyramids were, the more they could incarnate as a God protected by the sun god after the reincarnation of the Pharaoh, so as to protect the Egyptian people. Among the 96 pyramids found in Egypt, the world’s tallest man-made building before the completion of the Eiffel Tower, the pyramid of Khufu, but today’s focus is on another tomb, Tutankhamun. In 1922, the most mysterious Tomb of Tutankhamun was discovered by Howard Carter, an Englishman, and a large number of gold articles, treasures and even gold masks about the sun god were unearthed. But the weird thing is just beginning.

The excavation site and environmental problems are the biggest challenges for the archaeologists. However, when they open the door of the tomb and see the gold, silver and jewelry, their fate is “really” rewritten. There are two words engraved in the tomb: “I saw yesterday and knew tomorrow”, “who disturbed the peace of the Pharaoh, the wings of death will come on his head”. More than 20 people who entered the tomb died after excavating the world-famous tomb. Lord Carnarvon, the sponsor of the operation, died of mosquito bites the following year.

The “Curse” of the pharaoh was imposed 3000 years ago. Is it true that there are prophecies in the world? The answer is no, but the mosquito bite wound of Lord Carnarvon is almost the same as the upper wound of the tomb owner Tutankhamun’s body. The cause of death of more than 20 people is strange, which still caused a certain panic to the archaeological circles at that time. In addition, the news also reported the death information of people related to the archaeological incident recently, which once caused the curse of violating the protection of the sun god The curse of public opinion panic. It was not until the end of 1923 that the name of this event was corrected by the joint voice of medical and archaeological circles.

According to the records at that time, the cause of death of the archaeological team was due to the hot climate in Egypt, the prevalence of influenza, limited medical measures and the breeding of bacteria. After the event, the archaeologists sent an archaeological team to report the whole process in real time. They not only returned home, but also broke the “word games”.

But why are the pyramids aligned with the three stars of Sirius? Why is the weight of the Great Pyramid one thousandth of that of the earth? They are all problems left to posterity, waiting for people to explore, but for this country protected by the sun god, the nation with the Pharaoh, has attracted the attention of all over the world. What do you think of the story of this mysterious race? Welcome to leave a message and express your opinion!

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