The publicity poster of Xiaomi 10 has been leaked, and the appearance is no longer a secret. Is this the low configuration version of mix alpha?

I believe everyone has some impression. In early December 2019, Qualcomm released the snapdragon 865 processor. Although this processor has been released for a long time, the first batch of snapdragon 865 mobile phones will not be released until early 2020. And there are still many flagship mobile phones that have been confirmed to be equipped with snapdragon 865 processor, such as Xiaomi 10 series, oppo find X2, Meizu 17 series, one plus 8 series, etc. among them, Xiaomi 10 series must be the most popular.

After all, in the recent period, although there are a lot of exposure news about Xiaomi 10 series mobile phones, the configuration disclosed by the government is very few, which is enough to prove that the official confidentiality work of Xiaomi is still in place. It is precisely because Xiaomi 10 is still very mysterious, so the curiosity of most consumers is gradually checked Up, also very curious, Xiaomi 10 series in the end what is like?

In fact, it is well known that Xiaomi 10 series is equipped with Xiaolong 865 processor, but the appearance design of Xiaomi 10 series has not been confirmed so far. In the past two days, when Xiaobian was surfing the Internet, he accidentally found that the suspected Xiaomi 10 series publicity poster was exposed, and through this publicity poster of Xiaomi 10 series mobile phone, we can also see the true face of this flagship mobile phone.

As you can see from this photo, the design of the back of Xiaomi 10 series is very unique and highly recognizable. In fact, it looks like the back of Xiaomi Max alpha. There is a vertical box on the left. Many netizens even said that Xiaomi 10 is like a single screen version of Xiaomi mixalpha. Can it be understood as a low configuration version of Xiaomi mix alpha?

In terms of performance, Xiaomi 10 series will definitely be equipped with Xiaolong 865 processor, and there will be no problem in terms of performance. After all, Xiaolong 865 is the most powerful and the latest processor in the Android camp, and it can’t find fault in running speed with 12gb of ram.

In fact, for most consumers, especially many loyal rice noodles, the most concerned thing is the price of Xiaomi 10 series. Xiaobian thinks that this year’s price of Xiaomi 10 series will definitely not be less than 3000 yuan, and the most likely price is set at 3599 yuan or more. If the starting price of Xiaomi 10 is really set like this, will you buy it after the release?

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