The pyramid appeared tens of thousands of years ago. As a huge comprehensive Observatory, it is hard to understand

Now let’s look at the pyramids of prehistoric civilization. When it comes to pyramids, our first impression is the pyramids of Egypt. After all, as a landmark of Egypt, no one knows it. After all, no one knows it? More importantly, I think it’s a mystery? Some people said that the Egyptian pyramids were not used by ancient Egyptians to preserve the bodies of kings or Pharaons, but for other purposes. I initially suspected that my guess was more firm after the appearance of other pyramids earlier than the Egyptian pyramids.

So far, the earliest pyramid discovered is Sifang mountain in the small town of Bosnian vissoko. It has the shape of an Egyptian pyramid, but the mountain is covered with green plants. It turns out that the mountain is only a little angular. Later, an amateur archaeologist named semil osmankiki found evidence of the ancient artificial structure of the mountain. He believes that after vegetation of different thickness is removed, the mountain becomes a pyramid with high accuracy. Therefore, while waiting for these treatments, he discovers more secrets about the pyramid like mountain. Therefore, some enthusiasts intend to carefully remove these vegetation.

Mysterious pyramid of Bosnia

The Bosnian solar pyramid was detected 13000 years ago, and the earliest is 30000 years ago. Its special feature lies in a piece of artificial ceramics and the detection of bioenergy. First of all, let’s not say that it has the same design style as the Egyptian pyramid, and the data are also very strange. Let’s talk about its puzzling strange function.

We often mention the word magnetic resonance, because the magnetic field does hurt people, especially the nerves. It is said that the average magnetic field environment in our living environment is 16 Hz, so we often feel headache. However, when we enter the nature, our mood is very good, because the average magnetic field frequency in nature is close to the magic 7.83 Hz, or shumanbo, at this frequency, we will have a feeling of returning to nature, but in the pyramid, the data is getting closer and closer to this frequency. What’s more interesting is that all creatures that die on earth have this frequency, except human beings.

Bioenergy of pyramid

There is a kind of magical energy in life, which we can’t see. We can only use some kind of instrument to capture it. This kind of bioenergy, whether it’s the ocean in the mountains or the ocean in the plains, is wriggling like the ocean, but when it comes to the sun pyramid or even other pyramids, it shows the shape of vertical jet.

Later, scientists found that not only the early pyramid, but also the Egyptian pyramid ten thousand years later, was a strange state in which creatures could soar up into the sky. It felt like some kind of material transported energy to the earth through the pyramid. From the side, we can see that the pyramid is not a simple building or one with special effects. What’s more interesting is that pyramids not only appear in these places, but also exist in every corner of the world, such as our Arctic and American directions.

Dream Tesla effect

Because bioenergy is released from pyramids, pyramids were once regarded as comprehensive capabilities, such as the observatory and the Tesla energy transfer device. Later, people found that these towers are very high inside the Giza pyramids, and there are copper wire devices in the tombs. Coupled with their huge volume, they have become Tesla wireless energy transfer devices, so where does its energy go What about the transmission in the library? Between the earth and the earth, or between the earth and the universe? We don’t know. Let the latecomers analyze the mystery slowly.

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