The pyramids were not built by humans? Scientists guess it’s a power plant, they may be right!

If we talk about the magnificent buildings in the world, many people will think of the pyramids. Until now, the pyramids still stand in the sand, and the veil of life has not been lifted by human beings. As one of the seven wonders of the world, the pyramid is recognized by everyone because of its own secret. How did human beings build such a magnificent building at that time? This problem has been bothering scientists for many years.

Today, the pyramid of Khufu is 230 meters long and 136 meters high. According to the data of scientists, after so many years of wind and sun, when the tower was just built, the height should be 140 meters. It took 20 years to build the final shape of the pyramid, and 2.3 million stones were used. The heaviest stone can reach 60 tons. How can such a stone be buried in an altitude of more than 50 meters? This makes people have endless curiosity about the pyramids. It’s really amazing that only human beings can pile up the stones.

At that time, the productivity of the earth was still relatively low, and many construction methods could not be realized. How the pyramid was built is still an unsolved mystery. Some people even put forward a bold idea that the pyramid was not built by human beings at all, so it is not a simple mausoleum. Some people speculate that maybe at that time, aliens came to the earth, they taught advanced science and technology to human beings, so they had such a great building.

What’s the difference between Tutankhamun’s Mausoleum and pyramid?

This is not unreasonable. They think that if the pyramids are really the tombs of the Pharaons, why did they not find any remains of the Pharaons? Scientists once found the first remains of the Pharaoh in the valley of the emperor hundreds of kilometers away from the pyramids. This remains of the pharaoh is Tutankhamun. I believe many people are familiar with him. With the discovery of Tutankhamun’s mausoleum, more and more people believe that the pyramid is not the mausoleum of the Pharaoh. Maybe it has other uses.

After so many years of exploration and excavation, scientists believe that there are still differences between the pyramids and the tombs of the Pharaohs. There are colorful murals in Tutankhamun’s mausoleum, in which many gods are depicted, but no murals are found in the pyramids. There is not much difference between the tomb of the Pharaon and the room of the normal person. There are not only doors but also windows. However, in the pyramid, the room has no doors, which is almost a secret room. So some people think that the pyramid is not a mausoleum, maybe a power plant.

Is pyramid a power plant?

This statement has aroused many people’s curiosity. There are no electrical appliances and systems in the tower. Why can it generate electricity? At that time, people didn’t even know what electricity was and how it was possible to build a power plant. This is not a common sense, but scientists believe that there are many things that often subvert human imagination. In fact, the surface of the pyramid is covered with a layer of limestone, which is also polished very smooth. In the interior of the pyramid, there is a lot of quartz. We all know that when quartz is under pressure, it will also release electric current. In one of the rooms, scientists also found a very thick copper wire. Besides limestone, quartz and copper wire, it seems to be a set of power generation equipment.

Because the pyramids are very close to the Nile River, some people think that the water of the Nile River will be drained to the pyramids, and then through the limestone, the water will vibrate, and the quartz will be able to generate electricity under pressure. This theory seems very feasible, but what’s the use of building a power tower in ancient Egypt? Even today, Egyptian pyramids are still full of secrets. Even musk, a rocket maniac, once claimed that the pyramids were not built by human beings, but the products of aliens. Do aliens want to use the pyramids to generate electricity and then serve themselves?

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