The pyramids were not made by aliens? Musk denied it, and there was a lot of controversy!

The pyramids were not made by aliens? Musk denied it, and there was a lot of controversy!

With the transformation of human beings, the earth has changed a lot. Nowadays, the living standards of high-rise buildings and vehicles everywhere have improved significantly. It’s hard to imagine what the earth looked like in the past, which is far from what it is now. There are many strange buildings on the earth, and the pyramid is one of them. It is not only well-known, but also has a long history. It once occupied the highest building throne in human history for 3800 years, which is not built.

With the existing productivity and creativity of human beings, it is impossible to build pyramids. The emergence of pyramids benefits from the disappeared prehistoric civilization, which is a masterpiece of ancient Egyptians. In order to find the relevant evidence, scientists tried their best to find the tomb of the pyramid builder in the 1990s. Although some people believe that the pyramids were built by Egyptians, others think that the appearance of the pyramids is extraordinary. It may have been built by aliens, and it has been passed down to God. The pyramids were not made by aliens? Musk denied it, and there was a lot of controversy!

Was the pyramid built by aliens?

Every time you see a UFO or something similar to a spaceship in the sky, alien lovers will always associate it with aliens. Does the pyramid really have anything to do with aliens? With the emergence of many archaeological evidences, the view that the pyramids were built by aliens was gradually overturned. It was the result of the wisdom of the ancient Egyptian people. Strangely enough, musk didn’t know why and published a strange tweet. He thinks that aliens built the pyramids. How can we start?

Musk seems to have a special liking for aliens. With his profound knowledge, he doesn’t talk nonsense. Did he find something behind his back? There are many controversies on what he said on the Internet, and the conversation is in full swing. The heat only increases. If the pyramid is built by aliens, as he said, where did the aliens go? His remarks were soon rejected. Some professionals even said that musk fell into an illusion. What he said had no factual basis and was his personal opinion.

How was the pyramid built?

In fact, musk did not expect that what he said casually would have such a high response in the industry. The pyramid has a long history in the industry. It is a very rare building. It has achieved the ultimate in both workmanship and internal structure. How was the pyramid built? It’s still a controversial topic. Some people think it was created by the ancient Egyptian people through wisdom, while others think it has something to do with aliens. No matter how it was built, it was a great achievement.

As for the comments made by musk, there are different opinions. Some people think that he has high credibility, and there must be some loopholes in his words. Now that he has found the loophole, why not point it out directly? His statement is too mysterious. The aliens have been looking for him for so long, but they have not found any trace of him. The possibility that the pyramids were built by aliens is quite small. Do you think the pyramids are the products of ancient Egyptians or aliens? You can leave a message for interaction.

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