The Qinghai site 4000 years ago, when it came to light again, everyone was in tears!

The Qinghai site 4000 years ago, when it came to light again, everyone was in tears!

People have seven emotions and six desires. In the face of life and death, their mood can’t be controlled and their tears can’t stop flowing. This shows that people are very special. Not only people, but also animals show their true feelings. It’s just that their expressions are different from human beings. Every natural disaster breaks up countless families.

Maternal love is the most selfless, vaguely remember the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, a mother left a message to her child, that message tearful, the content is very simple, “dear baby, if you can live, you must remember I love you”, this sentence affects the hearts of the people of the country. When the rescue workers saw her, she had stopped breathing, posture has been protecting their children, trying to support the body, so that the child will not be hurt. People’s power is limited, but to protect the people you want to protect, there will be an infinite power in your heart, which is very sad. The Qinghai site 4000 years ago, when it came to light again, everyone was in tears!

In fact, more than 4000 years ago, there was a big earthquake in Qinghai Province, which was very shocking. Houses collapsed. Many people lost their lives in this disaster because of the sudden arrival. There are all kinds of sounds in the earthquake, such as cry for help, farewell and shocking. When the earthquake is over, everything will be calm. That earthquake caused countless people to lose their lives and split up countless families.

In 1999, people found the site left by the Qinghai earthquake and quickly excavated it. When it was really excavated, many people were in tears when they saw the site. It’s another event about maternal love, which makes people red in the eyes. Maybe the earthquake came too suddenly, and the family didn’t have time to respond. In order to protect their children, a mother knelt on the ground and tried her best to hold her child. Her head was always on her back, as if begging God to pity his children. A total of 14 human skeletons were found in this site. So many skeletons make people sad.

Later, after DNA testing, it was found that these 14 skeletons were closely related to their mother. I have to sigh about the greatness of maternal love. Mother is the most selfless in the world. She has given birth to her children and has been protecting them silently. When the earthquake came, although she was desperate in her heart, she always wanted to protect her children in her subconscious, so no matter how painful she was, she would try her best to protect her children. How great was this power.

There are too many moving events in these sites, which affect everyone’s heart all the time. Therefore, we should cherish everything we have and be grateful to our mother. Our life is given by our mother, and we should be filial to her in our limited life. What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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