The Qinghai site 4000 years ago, when it came to light again, the experts immediately burst into tears!

The Qinghai site 4000 years ago, when it came to light again, the experts immediately burst into tears!

Human beings claim to be the master of the earth, but when natural disasters come, they can only be caught and wait to die. After all, human beings are extremely weak in the face of natural disasters, and they have no strength to fight against them. For example, the arrival of earthquakes, tsunamis and other disasters will inevitably cause countless casualties, many houses collapse and certain economic losses.

With the development of science and technology, there are also earthquake warning technology, which can accurately predict the arrival of these natural disasters and avoid casualties. Unfortunately, it can’t stop the arrival of these natural disasters. Every disaster, there will be a lot of moving things. In 2008, there was a huge earthquake. In order to save her child, a mother once protected her child under her body and tried to support her body. Only three months old child survived, but she died and left a touching message on her mobile phone. The Qinghai site 4000 years ago, when it came to light again, the experts immediately burst into tears!

Maternal love is warm and powerful. They never shrink back in protecting their children. More than 4000 years ago, there was a huge earthquake in Qinghai Province. The houses collapsed in an instant. Many families were destroyed. Many people lost their precious lives before they had time to respond. At that time, there were crying, crying for help, and all kinds of voices mixed together. It was very unpleasant for people to hear. Finally, all these things returned to peace, and many families were destroyed in an instant.

Until 1999, in the process of human exploration, we found the ruins left by the earthquake in that year, which were quickly excavated. Soon, a dust laden mother’s love of 4000 years came into our eyes. According to the information we learned, this site has 400000 square meters. Researchers found 14 human skeletons, many of them minors. We can imagine that the original scene of happiness was fragmented due to an earthquake All of them were taken away. Because everything came so suddenly, the remains were in various states.

One of the most impressive is a mother with a baby in her arms. She holds her child tightly so that he won’t be hurt. She looks like she’s praying for God’s pity on her child. See that scene, many people instantly red eyes. After DNA testing, it was found that these 14 remains were all related by blood. These natural disasters are very hateful, but there is nothing that human beings can do. They can only sit and wait for death in front of them, and they are powerless to resist.

Every mother’s love for her children is great and selfless. In the face of natural disasters, they will spare no effort to protect their children from harm. This is the power of mothers. It’s very unpleasant to see these tearful pictures. There are a lot of secrets hidden in each site, waiting for human beings to continue to dig and explore, and they will find many unexpected things. What’s your opinion on this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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