The rare golden Turtle was declared extinct, but it reappeared in Yunnan today. Why did the extinct species reappear?

After the arrival of the industrial revolution, the ecological environment can be said to be further deteriorated. With the decrease of species diversity, the scientific report also shows that our earth may have the sixth extinction, so it is a warning that we will see fewer and fewer creatures in the future.

What the research reports constantly present is a kind of extraordinary. Extreme trend, but in so many bad news, there are some surprising good news, such as the recurrence of extinction.

Here we say online and reappearance, because we heard the corresponding situation in 2020, for example, in May 2020, a plant called cuckoo. It was found again in Sichuan. Researchers think it has disappeared for 90 years, and it’s really rare, but this time. A rarer plant is a kind of scarab, which is called Yangcai arm scarab.

And according to the database, this kind of golden turtle is a class II protected animal. In 1982, China announced the complete extinction of this kind of golden turtle, but according to recent reports, it has been found in Yunnan.

So what kind of creature is this golden turtle? In fact, this is a species endemic to the mainland. In addition, it is not distributed in any part of the world. Of course, there are very similar golden turtles in the whole Asian region, but it is very easy to identify it as other golden turtles. Moreover, because it is very rare, it has a high value. After all, once this kind of creature is found, it is likely to be captured, only in 2001 At the first auction, a small specimen of this kind of golden Turtle was finally sold for 200000 yuan.

High value and rarity also means that he will bring prison disaster to himself. Therefore, in order to recover the whole song Zong group, human beings should protect the environment. How did this extinct species appear?

The first and most direct reason is probably related to the ecological environment. According to China’s national database, the area where the golden Turtle was found was actually covered by a kind of forest, namely Longquan forest. The coverage rate of the forest area is as high as 85%. Therefore, in this case, it provides some habitats for many animals, so this kind of environment is very important We must pay attention to this problem. It means that if the ecological environment is protected, perhaps biodiversity will be further increased. In fact, all this also shows that if China can stick to environmental protection, many extinct species may exist in our cause.

In fact, China has been highly praised by NASA. After all, our country has more and more natural reserves. For example, there are many ants forest protection projects on Ali Alipay. Of course, the total number of natural protected areas is 11 thousand and 800. At the same time, 9 or more of them are typical terrestrial ecotypes. And in public data, we can see that nearly 9 of the wild animal flora and nearly 7 of them are higher. Plants also exist within the scope of protection.

Therefore, in general, as long as more efforts can be made to protect the ecological environment, the biodiversity of biological population may be further improved. Nowadays, many countries withdraw from the Paris Agreement and push the ecological environment to a critical point. Therefore, in general, the damage is far greater than the protection. So human beings should try their best to protect the environment. After all, there is only one earth.

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