The real existence of the “nine story demon building” made the grave robbers scared, and the archaeological team only dug two floors

In the highly acclaimed film and television work ghost blows the lamp, the nine story demon tower in it has left a deep impression on the audience. However, in real life, this “nine story demon building” is real. It is located in Golmud City, Qinghai Province, where the film was made at that time.

The scale of the whole demon building is huge, and it is regarded as an unlucky place

Archaeologists number this “demon building” tomb as Xuewei No.1 tomb, which is the most spectacular ancient tomb in Qinghai Province. The older generation of local people said, “it was here that Tuyuhun fought with Tubo. Because Tuyuhun paid great attention to geomantic omen of tombs, more than 2000 tombs with a height of 33 meters and a length of more than 50 meters were built here. However, in the eyes of the local people, such a large-scale ancient tomb has an ominous saying, because there are monsters here, and there will be abnormal noise at night. After Tuyuhun was conquered hundreds of years ago, Tang Gaozong directly sent a powerful general Xue Rengui to attack Tubo. Unexpectedly, he was attacked by more than 500000 troops of Tubo, and finally lost miserably. After Tuyuhun was replaced by Tubo, the local people were very afraid that there would be Tugu resurrection to retaliate against them. After all, this is not their hometown, but the result of Tubo competition. Therefore, it is not too much for this ancient tomb group to be regarded as a demon building. The whole ancient tomb was laid into nine floors, and the “nine floor demon building” also got its name.

The grave robbers only dare to attack the small tombs nearby, but they dare not dig the main one

In this ancient tomb, the whole large tomb is also the main tomb, and its structure is very solid. Because of the bad luck, the tomb robbers are always afraid to excavate the large tomb. They only excavate the small tombs nearby. These small tombs and accompanying tombs have been seriously damaged by the tomb robbers, leaving no cultural relics. The local people said, “it used to be very quiet here, and there were few passing vehicles. I don’t know when there were many strange vehicles here. These strangers were wandering here at first. When night came, the local people would hear a huge bombing noise. It was estimated that it was the sound of these tomb robbers bombing the entrance of the cave, and they also heard it Some people saw that they used seven or eight vehicles to steal the cultural relics excavated from these small tombs one by one, while those who were not interested in taking them away had to be burned. Now these tombs are empty.

The archaeologists excavated the main tomb, but only to the second floor

The small tomb was destroyed, and the archaeologists had no way to start, so they had to excavate and explore the main tomb. Because the main tomb has a complex structure, the height of every other layer is almost four or five meters, and the surrounding loess is relatively soft. Once the excavation is a little bad, they will be buried here. In addition, when the archaeologists dug into the second floor of the demon building, they found that the lower they continued to dig, the thinner the air was, and the whole person was prone to hypoxia. If further exploration continues, it is easy to die of lack of oxygen.

Moreover, whether there is a secret organ under the “nine story demon building” is unknown to the archaeologists, and they dare not act without permission. Therefore, for the sake of safety, the archaeologists stop exploring the nine story demon building. Perhaps with the in-depth study in the future, the archaeologists will excavate all the cultural relics buried underground and present them to future generations.

Although there are some regrets, fortunately, the archaeologists found many treasures in the second layer. Most of the unearthed cultural relics are mainly silk and copper coins. These cultural relics help archaeologists to provide important clues for the study of the history and culture of the ethnic minorities in the Tang Dynasty.

After years of baptism, the once powerful empire was buried under the yellow sand, and the owner of the “nine story demon tower” also lies here. Although it is full of mystery and legend, we believe that with the development of science and technology, archaeologists will one day uncover its mystery.

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